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GW2 Soundtrack Release Announced

First we have learned about the release of GW2. Now, to tide us over, the release of GW2 original soundtrack has been announced over at For a limited time, the original sound track (OST) can be ordered there for $29.99. The soundtrack comes with four CDs and is signed by Jeremy Soule the creator […]

Musings of an Arm-Chair Mesmer: Changes Between Betas

In the previous weekend, I finally also got to peek inside the matrix that is GW2. Many of my colleagues have published or will publish various aspects of the beta. But as a mesmer fan, I thought I would focus on one particular aspect by asking: What has changed for the mesmer between the two […]
Previously, I wrote up an initial synthesis of what was known about the mesmer profession then. With the closed beta weekend, a lot of new information has emerged giving the community a much deeper inside look into the workings of the illusionist. Another round of synthesis is necessary. Now before we start, I just wanted […]

Interview with Angel Leigh McCoy

Angel Leigh McCoy is one of the writers and game designers at Arenanet currently working on GW2. She recently gave an interview at Nevermetpress about her work, and her writing. The interview covers her early career as a writer for table-top RPG but also includes a discussion about how she ended up at Arenanet as […]

ANet Gives Guild Wars 2 Year End Development Update

The developers over at ArenaNet have just released an update for the end of the year. Topics of discussion include the achievement system, promised information about tweaks to the thief profession, and finally enhancements to the fighting skill animation system. Head on over to the blog article and get the details! What is your opinion […]

Synthesis: What’s known about the Mesmer?

The release of the 8th and final profession – the Mesmer – was accompanied by a deluge of interviews. Through these interviews and the profession page, we have learned that the Mesmer is a magical-duelist who uses his or her illusions, and mental trickery to confuse a foe and setup situations beneficial only to the […]

Anet | “Guild Wars 2 Hinter den Kulissen”

A Behind-The-Scenes on German voice acting in GW2 was just posted on the official Anet. If you don’t know German, the video is structured in a similar way as the original video on voice acting in GW2 “Giving Tyria a Voice”. I have posted that video here for comparison. It’s interesting to see how voice […]

Necrobator | A Detailed Look at Lich Form

Necrophiliacs rejoice! The Necromancer specialist site has just released an article discussing in detail the necromancer elite skill “Lich Form”. One of Sardu’s conclusions:   It amazes me just how much a single elite can open up a whole new layer of depth in combat, but ArenaNet definitely proved just how powerful elites in Guild […]

Team Legacy | Interview w/ Boon Control about PvP

For those who were following Gamescom 2011, you know that the guild Boon Control was chosen to play demonstration PvP matches against the developers. An interview has surfaced over at Team Legacy that deeply probes how they prepared for these matches, and their impression of what the state of GW2 PvP is. It’s deep and […]

Anet | PAX Prime 2011 Plans

  Just in time for PAX Prime, ArenaNet has announced more detailed plans for the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo 2011 in their newest blog. The article contains a Q and A. Also note the schedule for the panel discussion sessions throughout the weekend posted below. To get all the details of PAX Prime 2011, go […]

MMORPG | Interview with Colin Johanson

Now that gamescom 2011 is over, the media outlets are starting to gather their thoughts and release the information gained over the last couple of days. One of the sites, I am keeping an eye on (MMORPG) has just released an interview with Colin Johanson. It discusses different features of the gamescom demo including character […]

Massively | 3rd GW2 Novel Named: Sea of Sorrows

Just a quick announcement I found on my morning browsing: According to Massively, the name of the third GW2 novel has been announced to be “Sea of Sorrows”. The information was released within a panel discussion that took place at gamescom 2011. Apart from the name of the novel no other information about the third […]

Gameinformer | Rabbits Versus Dragons In GW2

As gamescom media coverage picks up, Gameinformer has released a preview summary of GW2. The author states: “It was only a month ago at Comic-Con that I had my first hands-on time with Guild Wars 2 and walked away wildly impressed. Yesterday at Gamescom, I had the opportunity to sit down for two longer play […]

NCSoft | NCsoft West at gamescom 2011

In preparation for next week’s gamescom convention, NCSoft has announced their activity schedule for next week. It’s almost all about Guild Wars 2 this year! Althought the schedule has been posted here, make sure to visit their website as the live stream will be hosted on that site. It looks like this coming week will […]

Anet | Dream and Nightmare

In the last part of the Sylvari week, Ree Soesbee gives us insights into the origin, culture, the biology, and dreams and nightmares of the Sylvari race, and the Pale Tree. It starts like this: The sylvari are the youngest race in Guild Wars 2, awakened with the rise of the new age in Tyria. […]