Beta Forums Slowly Shaping

People already having registered their pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2, might have tried to access the official forums. Today, those look a little less “work in progress” than the last few days, although actual forum links are not working yet. You can access the “Account section” (although I did not dare to try to change my password) and the “Mail section” which showed me I am allowed to send one PM (which was kind of strange). All the other links you can see on the picture below are linking to sites we already know, like the blog, the wiki and the site.
We will have to wait and see, if Arena.Net manages to get the forums up and running by next Friday, when the beta event will start.

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  • I want to take a moment to tell members to PLEASE use the resources that are out there for you. I know you’re all excited about being able to play in the Beta for the first time, but remember: beta is a TEST. Please TRY to be at least a little critical and voice your opinions/concerns. Anet wants to make a good game. They can’t do that without you telling them both what you liked and did not like. Use the forums!