Beta Weekend 2 Details, Some New Stuff’s Been Added

Mystic Forge: it's like recycling, but better

Mystic Forge: it's like recycling, but better

The beta weekend #2 is coming soon, and this means a big download (nearly 50% the size of the initial download). But with this comes many goodies.

  • WvW now has an underground dungeon area.
  • WvW has more PvE-like events and skill challenges.
  • Mystic Forge lets you donate items and get random stuff in return
  • A new level 25-35 area was added near Lion’s Arch.
  • Catacombs dungeon is open to visitors.
  • UI and combat has been improved.

Read all the details here.

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  • Interesting additions to WvW.

  • Guided Daggers

    I don’t really know how doing jumping puzzles/skill challenges might help your team in WvW, but it’s fun to know I’ll have something to do if I can’t find a fight.

  • Good to know I’ll be able to level up and stuff in WvW, that’s my main concern. Though it could be fun if the reward for jumping and climbing was to secure some automatic artillery or something, so you could get a skill point as well as help your team.

    Of course, the chance of being able to push enemies off the cliff you’re climbing, that could be fun (unless you’re on the receiving end of it).