Blog your Hearts out

… and your Dynamic Events, and your World vs World stories, and your character creation experiences, and ….

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, come share it on the GWOnline blogs! It’s the best way to immortalise your experiences and opinions of the weekend!

Creating a blog is super easy, one of our wonderful admins, Lensor, has already made a quick guide to the Blog system and even shows off the things you can do to make your own blog unique! Details are over here.

And if you just want to get stuck into it without all the bells and whistles then just click on “Create New Post” in the top right corner of the Blogs page. Simple!

The interface is just like writing a forum post, so everything should be easy to find and include. If you need a hand with your Blog, by all means let me know. I’m sure there will be other blog helpers lurking in the wings too.

Happy gaming and happy blogging! See you out there, guys!

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