Breaking News, Colin Johanson Leaving ArenaNet!

In a press release issued from ArenaNet today, the Bellevue-based developer revealed that one of their core staff, Lead Designer Colin Johanson, will be leaving the company to work with a yet to be announced project with none other than Joss Whedon. This should come as a shock to any Guild Wars 2 fan, and inside sources say that it was no less of a surprise to ArenaNet themselves.

[anet]It was a huge shock to all of us. I mean, it’s Colin! I would understand if Martin wanted to jump ship, he has been fighting fan drama non-stop this last couple of months and could need a break, but Colin? Never! I honestly don’t know how we will cope…
Anonymous ArenaNet source[/anet]

Team AreanNet

Some of the ArenaNet employers upon hearing the news that Colin is leaving.

We were able to catch Colin for a quick comment, and he confirmed that he will leave ArenaNet as soon as Guild Wars 2 is released.

[anet]Felicia dropped me a note from Joss – and I could not refuse that invitation
Colin Johanson[/anet]

Colin Johanson Portrait

Ready for new things!

So in an ironic twist, it was actually Guild Wars 2 voice actress and internet celebrity Felicia Day who set up the initial meeting between Whedon and Johanson. Day and Whedon first met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have been looking to do a bigger project together for some time. With Colin Johanson on board, this mystery project is looking more interesting by the minute. Can we expect a reboot of Dr. Horrible? A feature film, a true season 2?

One thing is for sure, and that is that Colin Johanson will not swing a sword again, and again, and again for ArenaNet any more.

(Original Press release)

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