Brief Overview of Warrior Weapons (Two-Handed)

One of my favorite things about the warrior is his wide selection of weapons. I keep a bag full of every weapon I can use on my warrior. I have a hard time sticking with one weapon, even outside of weapon swapping, so I often find myself changing my sets up. The below is intended to give you a brief overview of some of the weapons warriors can use and the benefits of each. I am not including aquatic weapons because there are only two choices and they basically come down to ranged v. melee.

Straight up damage-dealing in an area. Greatsword Swing (and its follow ups) are pretty simple; they hit and damage your enemies. Your burst skill, Arcing Slice, deals damage and applies fury on you. Hundred Blades is a channeled, multi-hitting attack, the last strike of which does extra damage (so try not to cancel it!).
An added benefit of the Greatsword is that some of its skills will help you quickly close the distance between you and a target. If a weakened foe is fleeing, you can toss your blade at them with Bladetrail, which will damage and cripple anyone in the sword’s path to and from your target. Alternatively, you can use Rush to dash toward your target, damaging them when you arrive or use Whirlwind Attack to quickly spin in a straight line (you choose the direction), hitting anyone in your path.

One of your best options for crowd control. Like most of the warrior’s weapons, the Hammer gives you some AOE damage, of course, but its strongest attribute is its crowd control. Push your foes back with a Staggering Blow, then follow up with a Hammer Shock to cripple them and give yourself a chance to breathe. Use Backbreaker for a knock down or, if your adrenaline allows, pop off Earthshaker for an AOE damage and stun. Hammer Swing and the other skills in the chain are decent damage and Hammer Smash will hit a larger area. Fierce Blow will weaken your foe.

Bear gets a Hammer Shock to the face

The Longbow’s strength is that it affords you some AOE damage in a ranged weapon. Its first two skills will shoot multiple arrows (Dual Shot and Fan of Fire – the latter of which also applies burning) and the second two skills explode (Arcing Arrow, Smoldering Arrow). Arcing Arrow needs to be aimed at the ground; Smoldering Arrow flies to your target and explodes, blinding and damaging anyone in range. The burst skill, Combustive Shot, sets an area of your choosing on fire, burning nearby foes. Pin Down comes in handy in that it will immobilize your target, so you can maintain or regain distance.

Pew pew


In contrast to the Longbow, the Rifle is a single-target ranged weapon. Bleeding Shot will inflict bleeding; unlike the Longbow, this is the Rifle’s only skill that applies damage over time. Volley fires a few shots at your target and Brutal Shot will apply vulnerability. In contrast to the Longbow, the Rifle offers you two ways to get some distance between you and your foe with Rifle Butt, which will push your target back, and Aimed Shot, which will cripple your foe. Following up a Rifle Butt with Aimed Shot is pretty effective. Both of these skills can be activated more often than Pin Down. Kill Shot, your burst skill, is a powerful single-target shot, plain and simple.


– RD

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