Broken hearts and birthday cupcakes

Last week, the upcoming battle between the Shining Blade and the White Mantle manifested itself in the appearance of the Shining Blade war camp in Talmark Wilderness (http//

Right now, as I am writing this text, it is unclear what makes the war camp appear, as some characters can see it and for others Talmark is unchanged. There are speculations about that character having to have finished Prophecies, unlocking Livia in EotN and other stuff. Perhaps this will all be solved when ANet people return to work after the Easter weekend.

I was more exited about the second change to the game world, the developing romance between Gwen and Keiran Thackeray. We have seen him visit the Hall of Monuments, where Gwen is located, in the past. We helped Thackeray on Wintersday with some quests and last week we witnessed Gwen being really concerned about Keiran, when he was out fighting Charr and returned wounded.
With Gwen’s birthday approaching, we as the gamer have finally been involved in Keiran’s courting. Thackeray asked us to help him find things for his long planned picnic with Gwen in his secret garden. We supplied him with candles, apple cider, a birthday cupcake and even an Elonian Drake kebab. For our efforts the player gets rewarded with Gift Parcels and Bags of Junk.

These items started a little row in the GW community, as Kebab can be farmed in Elona, candles could be exchanged for Honeycombs, but Birthday Cupcakes and especially Cider were hard to get. People like me, who have great gaming buddies (who either are worse pack rats than me, or have access to the black market in a corsair hideout), where finally able to get all the picnic items for Keiran, who just had to ask Gwen out now.

In our hearts we wanted her to say “yes” and see the two walk out of the Hall of Monuments together, but knowing Gwen from our adventures in the Charr lands, it was not a true surprise to see her reject Keiran.

What will be next? Will the story line continue? Will Gwen change her mind. Is the secret garden playing a role in a second attempt to win her love? Assuming that Logan Thackeray from the Guild Wars 2 trailers is a descendant of Keiran, who will finally be the wife of our good lieutenant? 

Leave you comments here and wait with me for the next episode of “How I met your mother”.

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