BWE2 – What I Did This Weekend – Gorani

First of all, I decided to create a Thief to find another back-up profession to my main. I chose a Norn and went out to explore the “starter world”. I had done the “heart quests” before, so nothing really new caught my attention in the Foothills. My personal story wrapped around Eir and a weapon smith that needed Deldrimor steel to forge a heroic weapon. I liked the concept of “Initiative” for the Thief profession. It took a while to find the weapon combinations that worked best for me. I settled for a melee set with a sword and off hand dagger and the short bow. The first set allowed me to slash & shadow step a lot, making the Jotun I had to fight dizzy, the ranged weapon to kite and cripple anything that would reach me.

The steal mechanic is not that great, IMO. At range, I used it to steal from the foe with a shadow step, fire off the stolen ability (not really caring what is was – some effect that would help me I assumed) and slicing my foe with the sword after that point. Compared to a Guardian’s Virtues or the Attunement swapping of the Elementalist, stealing was less exciting and useful. Perhaps you need more practice to appreciate it.

Talking about the Guardian and the Elementalist that survived from last BWE: The Guardian checked some hearts in the Charr lands, fighting ghosts, serving beverages to thirsty soldiers and getting her Blood Legion war band to stop infiltrators with cow bombs (yes, you have read correctly). I spend a lot of time burning every copper ore I could find on armor crafting and jewellery (Rhonwyn got some nice things made out of pearls on Sunday afternoon). The Elementalist explored all Points of Interest in Lion’s Arch, and checked all new changes for you (see updates in the Elementalist Forum). Finally I fought some battles in WvWvW with her and did OK, earning a Badge of Honor.

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