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The first year of Guild Wars 2 – 3.5m players and a nice Infographic

It's been a great first year and Mike O'Brien gives his thoughts. There's also a great infographic to enjoy.

Guild Wars 2 Anniversary plans – Get ready to celebrate from 20 August

New content that will answer "open questions". A story that "affects the entire world" in the next Guild Wars 2 update.

Daniel Dociu interview in video

ArenaNet's art master Daniel Dociu talks about this work with Into the Pixel.

Isaiah Cartwright on Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Reward Changes

ArenaNet make changes to Guild Wars 2 dungeon rewards.
What to Expect, Looking forward Guild Wars 2 2013 by Colin Johanson

Guild Wars 2 Invitational Regional Qualifying Tournament Registration Open!

Guild Wars 2 Invitational Qualifying Tournament Registration now open

The Bazaar of the Four Winds is Coming!


Effigy Lighting, ArenaNet videos, Mist League

Both the climax of the current Dragon Bash event and start off point for the next Dragon Bash event, the single person instance, Memories on the Pyre is coming on June 18th. Be sure to come see them set fire to the effigy! Anet also celebrated Drgaon Bash at the 2013 Role Play Convention in […]

He Did the Bash! …. He Did the Dragon Bash!

Anet just released a compilation of Dragon Pinata bashing videos. We posted one by Curse here last week, and Anet says “the results were as epic as they were varied.” Check them out then come to the forums and join in our chat about the new Dragon Bash event. Speaking of the Dragon Bash, Anet […]

PVP Leaderboard Changes, Dragon Bash Lore

Anet just put up a couple blog posts on changes they will be making to the leaderboards (like your score being tied to how long it has been since you last played) and some background info on the Dragon Bash (like how did the culture handle the change from loving Glint and having a Dragon […]

Future of WvW, Dragon Bash, GW2 Videos

Devon Carver has just posted a new update on the status and future of World vs. World. Click here to read it, or you can see the text in our forums as well as comment on the post yourself! Title headings to whet your appetite: Current State | Future Plans | Player Roles | Zergs […]

Small squad tactics in WvW

Earlier today, Isaiah Cartwright live streamed some WvW, showcasing some of his favorite tactics for running small groups in WvW. Check out a link below!

Weekend Roundup

GWOnline’s own Alaris just posted a great piece on how to learn to play GW2 better. Reminded me again that I really need to learn to combo better. Check it out and then join the discussion in our forums! held a State of the Game on Friday with Jonathan Sharp & Karl McLain from […]

Play Rytlock’s Critter Rampage Now

The Super Adventure Box was a such a neat idea for 1 April and there’s a new update from Matthew Oswald, ArenaNet’s Cinematics team lead, who discusses the process they went through to create the retro styled trailer. There is more to Super Adventure Box than meats the eye though, they decided to create a 16-bit […]

Regina Interview

Regina Buenaobra, as most of you know, is the community manager at ArenaNet and there’s a nice interview with here online here in which discusses her role at the company and of course Guild Wars 2. Given the behind the scenes access Regina has, being part of ArenaNet, we were wondering how much, if at all, it […]