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The first year of Guild Wars 2 – 3.5m players and a nice Infographic

It's been a great first year and Mike O'Brien gives his thoughts. There's also a great infographic to enjoy.

Isaiah Cartwright on Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Reward Changes

ArenaNet make changes to Guild Wars 2 dungeon rewards.
What to Expect, Looking forward Guild Wars 2 2013 by Colin Johanson

The Bazaar of the Four Winds is Coming!


Effigy Lighting, ArenaNet videos, Mist League

Both the climax of the current Dragon Bash event and start off point for the next Dragon Bash event, the single person instance, Memories on the Pyre is coming on June 18th. Be sure to come see them set fire to the effigy! Anet also celebrated Drgaon Bash at the 2013 Role Play Convention in […]

PVP Leaderboard Changes, Dragon Bash Lore

Anet just put up a couple blog posts on changes they will be making to the leaderboards (like your score being tied to how long it has been since you last played) and some background info on the Dragon Bash (like how did the culture handle the change from loving Glint and having a Dragon […]

Future of WvW, Dragon Bash, GW2 Videos

Devon Carver has just posted a new update on the status and future of World vs. World. Click here to read it, or you can see the text in our forums as well as comment on the post yourself! Title headings to whet your appetite: Current State | Future Plans | Player Roles | Zergs […]

Leif Chappelle on Designing a Living World

The Guild Wars 2 blog was updated once again with ArenaNet’s Leif Chappelle, one of the Living World designers, discussing how they approached the design of the Living World. Through content updates ArenaNet are aiming to keep the world evolving and we’ll see more holidays, dungeons and more as the story progresses. Check out the full […]

Guild Missions Update Good News for Casual Guilds

ArenaNet’s Anthony Ordon just posted an update on Guild Missions over at the official Guild Wars 2 blog. Smaller or more casual guilds will be happy to hear that this update includes content specifically geared to them. Once a guild has Art of War level 3 researched, they can start researching Bounty Hunt Training Mission, where the guild […]

PvP Tournament Changes

ArenaNet revealed that paid tournaments are being replaced with free tournaments as paid tournaments are no longer required due to the ratings and matchmaking system. [ANET]In the upcoming patch on February 26, Paid Tournaments are going to be replaced by Free Tournaments. One of the reasons we initially introduced Paid Tournaments was to create a place […]

Leah Rivera on New Guild Missions

Hot off the press, the lowdown on guild missions, including a fresh video! As always, check a snippet out below and click through for the full story on the official blog. [ANET]Do you like games? How about friends? What about games with friends? If you said yes to any of those, pull up a chair, […]

Introducing the New Spirit Watch PvP Map

ANet just posted an overview of the upcoming PvP map, Spirit Watch, which will be live with the next patch. Check it out! [ANET]In the upcoming patch, you will be able to play our latest PvP map—Spirit Watch! This norn-themed map, which is surrounded by sheer cliffs, features shrines to the Spirits of the Wild […]

Valentine’s Day Theme in the Gem Store

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there are some new items and sales in the Gem Store. Thankfully, I just bought a makeover kit before this sale /grumble. Check it out below! [ANET]The Black Lion Trading Company is getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with an exclusive new item and limited time discounts. This […]

Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm

Near the end of the month, the next part of the Flame and Frost Living Story will be rolling out, along with some PvP updates, and an update (yes, another) to Daily Achievements! Check it out below, click through for the official post, and swing by our thread for discussion. [ANET]The situation worsens for the […]

Temple of the Silent Storm Week

It’s been a busy week already in Tyria! Another blog just went up on the official site with information on some new PvP features. As always, a snippet is below, click through for more, and drop by the forums for discussion! [ANET] We’ve been working on PvP features consistently since our last update, and as […]