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By now everyone should know that the Guild Wars 2 Beta signup has started. To mark this momentous occasion, we here at GWOnline decided to host our first ever “GWOnline Blog Extravaganza” contest! The rules are simple. You make a blog post in the Community Blog section titled: “GWOnline Blog Extravaganza – If I Were In […]
GWOnline’s Charr Plushie art contest is now officially over, and the winners have been chosen. Auntie sure had her work cut out for her, with a lot of very excellent submissions! The two final winners, each being awarded one Charr Plushie, were satomz and Odinius. Satomz contributed a sun catcher based on the map symbol for the […]

No official ArenaNet Wintersday art contest this year

ArenaNet has announced that they will not be able to host a Wintersday art contest this year: We have received questions from the community whether we will be hosting a Wintersday Art Contest as in years past. Unfortunately, the studio and the community team have a number of big projects already underway in preparation for […]

Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the second weekly GWOnline news roundup. Last week was as you all know the G*Star 2011, and one news item in particular should get some juices flowing among the PvP community. The ArenaNet development team, with players such as Karl and Izzy, got beat by a fan team comprised of none other than […]
We here at GWOnline were delighted to see how much spooky creativity showed up to haunt the forums for our Halloween contest! The judging is now over, and the winners were announced in the contest thread in our community forum. Grand prize – Battletoad First prize – stoudacz Second prize – Konig Des Todes Third […]
Do you have an artistic eye, a musical ear or an imaginative pen? In that case you should immediately head over to our community forum and check out our official Guild Wars Incgamers Halloween contest. There are three categories: Art Music/video Literature. Prizes are Guild Wars 1 in-game swag (undedicated Smite Crawler miniature, armbraces, over […]

ArenaNet’s Halloween art contest winners announced

    ArenaNet just announced the winners for their 2011 Halloween art contest. The grand prize winner was Adrien from France, who submitted an animated video of a very special round of rock-paper-scissors, Mad King style. Other winners included a painted skateboard, paintings, figurines, costumes and a cake. Congratulations to all the winners from us here at Guild Wars […]

2010 Wintersday Art Contest Winners!

ArenaNet has announced this years winners of the Wintersday Art Contest. You can check out the winner and all runners up on the official site http//