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Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the third weekly GWOnline Guild Wars news roundup, which means that we can now call it a regular thing! This week Jim Boer at ArenaNet posted a developer blog about the iterative process of the conversation cinematics in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet also showed that they still care about Guild Wars 1, by […]

Sign up as a GWOnline Secret Charr!

Sure Thanksgiving is not even over yet, but Wintersday is just an Asura-toss away. It is already time to get festive, and what better way to get in the proper Wintersday spirit than by participating in GWOnline’s very own Secret Charr? Secret Charr works exactly the same as Secret Santa, just with a little more […]

Nights of the mini pets has started!

The Nights of the mini pets event is an annual in-game Guild Wars 1 event, presented by Blade Radio. This year’s event just started today, so be sure to join in at Lions Arch International Districts 1, 2 and 3 for some trick-and-treating, Guild Wars style! Check out the thread in our community forum for details

Pink Day in LA

October being the international breast cancer awareness month, Gamer’s Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network host “Pink Day in LA” on October 15th 12pm – 6pm CDT. Pink Day in LA is an online event bringing the Guild Wars community together to raise breast cancer awareness as well as donations for the Canadian […]

Arenanet | Tradeshow Summer

I can’t believe that it took this long for the official announcement to make it to the front page. (Pardon my slowness.) Anyway, although there was mention of this before, ripe for the Memorial Day weekend (the inofficial start of summer), Martin Kerstein made an official announcement regarding their summer trades show plan. Like last […]

ArenaNet outlines Guild Wars 2 Convention Plans

The PR trail is set to continue this summer with Guild Wars 2 turning up at most of the major conventions which will give fans the opportunity to see the game in action. ArenaNet will be turning up at the following events, so if you think you can plan some holiday time around these dates, […]

Hearts of the North Costume Pack Contest Winners

Well done to everyone who entered the Hearts of the North costume pack giveaway contest. Today the winners were selected and notified via PM. The winners were… Atara The Dark Lensor Zayren Noa Brightington Shallowrain Zilken Zatin Xam Aran Raiala Congratulations to them! At least we know they will be well dressed when the wedding […]

Win a Hearts of the North Costume Pack

We’ve teamed up with ArenaNet to give away some tasty wedding attire for Hearts of the North. You don’t want to look shoddy at the wedding now do you? We have four Wedding Couple Attire costumes (Bride and Groom costumes) and four Wedding Party costume packs (Bridal Gown, Groom?Euros Tux, Gentleman?Euros Tux, Lady?Euros Tux, and […]

Looking for Community Event Blogger

Now that the initial blogger team is settling in, we thought it would be cool to look for a blogger who would solely cover community events in the blogs. This would involve reporting on upcoming events and if possible take part and share the experiences of the events with the community which will in turn […]

Toothless Tiger, Hidden Game

Hello ?Euro?GWO?Euro? community members, just players of GuildWars or newcomers to either this site or the game. This is Gorani?Euros first blog entry from the series of GuildWars bloggers here on  All bloggers will try to focus on certain aspects of the game as far as we can plan ahead now, so read all […]

OOP Presents: Soiree at the Sanctum

All left over items and gold will be given away at the end of the event or put towards the next event, whatever the attendees decide. All major donations will be recorded so they can be returned if need be, and also so that you can be credited! We apologize for the difficulty in getting […]

Dii invites all to join us on our 5th Birthday November 1st!

[CENTER] [FONT=URW Chancery L][B]The Order Of Dii [Dii] [/B][/FONT] [FONT=URW Chancery L][B]wishes to invite all friends, [/B][/FONT] [/CENTER] [CENTER][FONT=URW Chancery L][B]old and new, [/B][/FONT] [FONT=URW Chancery L][B]for a celebration of our 5th birthday [/B][/FONT] [/CENTER] [CENTER][FONT=URW Chancery L][B]on November 1[/B][/FONT][FONT=URW Chancery L][B]st[/B][/FONT][FONT=URW Chancery L][B]![/B][/FONT][/CENTER] [CENTER]There will be drinks,  [/CENTER] [CENTER]there will be snacks, [/CENTER] [CENTER]there […]

Halloween giveaway-Mad King Freebies Hallowe’ed Revenge

[B]Introductions [/B] [I]Mad King Freebies [/I] Muhuhahaha! Muhuhahaha! Halloween is almost here! For all who can come to International district 1 of Lions Arch this Hallow?s eve, I promise a special treat, and a very special trick to one person. I tell you, this Halloween will be a very special one! Just grab you Halloween […]

6v6 Sealed Deck Tournament (10/3)

PRE-EVENT Wednesday, September 30 @ 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT / 1AM GMT The deck for Round 2 will be generated then!  Come and find out what the deck will be, talk to the other participates, scrimmage and just have fun!  All teams will be eligible to play in Round 2, even if they lose […]