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Devs Demo GW2 at PAX – IncGamers Videos

At PAX last week ArenaNet once again showed of the game to the press behind closed doors. Player72985 popped along to check out the game for us here at IncGamers and filmed the presentation. What’s interesting about these presentations is that each one is slightly different from the next so it’s well worth a watch.

MMO PAX Report

This week’s G4 MMO Report looks at PAX which recently concluded. The report takes a gander at some of the upcoming MMOs which of course includes Guild Wars 2.

G4 PAX Feedback – GW2 Included

The G4 team has posted their latest Feedback video which looks back at their top games of PAX and naturally Guild Wars 2 is included in their discussion.

More PAX Impressions

A couple more PAX articles have surfaced today, the first coming from the guys at Massively who went hands-on with the Asura. The second article comes from community member Vampiresbane who has whipped up an overview of ‘Supporting the Community and Designing Dynamic Events‘ which is the first part in a series being put together […]
Nvidia are on the PAX show floor and bring you a new video with Randy Price Senior Vice President of ArenaNet who discusses the game and what makes it different from other MMOs on the market or are coming out. PvP is also discussed and how they want to make it an eSports title. Finally […]
There has been quite a few articles and videos pop up this week which you may want to check out, some from PAX an also Gamescom. As always we’ll keep you up to date with more coverage as it happens and feel free to mail in anything you spot for the news: Previews PikiGeek PAX […]
There’s been a bit of a whirlwind of Guild Wars info these past few weeks, what with Gamescom and now PAX. Community member CMEPTb made his way up to PAX to get some quality time with the game and meet the ArenaNet team who were on-hand to answer questions. It’s a pretty lengthy write-up of […]

PvP Walkthrough Video

A new video showing the PvP that was on show at Gamescom has been released by Gamespot. This was the same PvP zone that was shown on the press briefing and it did look pretty cool. As you know by now, this PvP is more in the style of an FPS with individual servers which […]

Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson Interview

Nvidia has posted an interview with Lead Content Designer Colin Johanson at Gamescom. The interview discusses how Guild Wars 2 is try to innovate and take the stale MMO genre forward.

Guild Wars 2 at Gamescom

Well it’s been a mad week and I made it back from Gamescom in one piece. There’s a lot to catch up on with regards to what was on show this year as ArenaNet were showing quite a few new features such as the PvP, character customisation and the Sylvari. I am in the process […]

Gamescom Media

In this year’s Gamecom media there are rather spectacular images of underwater realms, of wetland glades and of sturdy archways. You can see Player vs Player shots and character close-ups. The guys on the main site have added the new media to the Guild Wars 2 gallery. In addition to the screenshot overload, a new trailer […]

The Gamescom Demo Explained

It’s almost time for Gamescom to really kick off and I have just packed my bags here and fly out tomorrow ArenaNet’s John Peters has added a lengthy post to the ArenaNet Blog which specifically looks at what will be on show. Gamescom is a pretty big deal for ArenaNet this year as they are […]

NCSoft Gamescom Schedule

Only one week to go until Gamescom and NCSoft has posted their schedule of events which you will want to check out if you are going to Cologne. There’s plenty to events to take part in including Guild Wars 2 demos , Q&A sessions with the team and much more. I’ll be flying over next […]

ArenaNet Gears up for GamesCom

GameCom is apretty big deal when it comes to gaming conventions, more so that E3 these days thanks to the fact consumers can attend. ArenaNet always put on a good show at GamesCom and this year looks to be no exception. As we mentioned last week, a new build will be on show and this […]

ComicCon Guild Wars 2 Panel

If you missed any of this year’s ComicCon coverage then check out this video of the panel session.