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WoodenPotatoes Explains Guild Wars 2 Skills

Having a little bit of difficulty wrapping your head around the Guild Wars 2 skill system? Fear it will be too simplified compared to the Guild Wars 1 “build wars”? YouTuber WoodenPotatoes does an excellent job out of explaining the differences between Guild Wars 1 and 2, and why the changes should be to the […]

Why The Developers Love Guild Wars 2

Wartower just posted this very special video collage of all the ArenaNet developers present at Gamescom 2011 answering the question “Why do you love Guild Wars 2?”. And I’ll say one thing – these guys for sure love what they do for a living!
The keen visitor may already have noticed an addition to the right hand panel – “GWOnline’s FANtastic Friends”. This is where we will showcase other quality Guild Wars fansites with whom we have made bonds of friendship. Does your Guild Wars fan site, blog, podcast, youtube channel or radio channel want to be a GWOnline […]
Did you look at the Charr Plush and thought “awww“? Or maybe you had an idea about your very own Charr Plush puppet animation video? Whichever the case, you will be happy to hear that there is currently a contest over at our Community Forums featuring not one, but two Charr Plushies as prizes! With […]

Guild Wars Fan Creation Spotlight – Music Remixes

A while back we here at GWOnline posted a video of a Guild Wars 2 Gamescom trailer theme remix. Here are a couple of more variants that get my seal of approval. Make sure to check out the “Trance” link in the lower one. It starts out slow, but gets really wicked about three minutes […]

Two Must-Read Forum Posts for the Guild Wars 2 Initiate

This last week two forum posts have been all the buzz in the Guild Wars 2 community. First there was the huge, ginormous, all encompassing beast of a forum post made by Jira/omlech/Chelmo (different nicks at different forums). Originally posted at NeoGAF all the way back in April, it has since found its way to […]

Fan-Made Guild Wars 2 Wallpapers

The Guild Wars 2 fan Purple Llama has done a great job putting together some Guild Wars 2 wallpapers for fellow fans. The wallpapers feature all eight Guild Wars 2 professions, so now you do not have to choose which profession to gaze at on your computer desktop any more. They are also offered at […]

What is So Different About Guild Wars 2 Anyway?

TubeElephant finished the old year by posting this excellent recap on what makes Guild Wars 2 so different from other MMOs. Make sure to check out his channel for more nice Guild Wars 2 videos.

Amazing Guild Wars 2 Music Remix

Browsing through YouTube I stumbled upon this rather amazing remix of the piano theme from the Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer. Made by YouTuber Matt Visual. We here at GWOnline are always excited to see what the fans do with the already excellent ArenaNet art. Know of other remixes that we should showcase here […]

Mintchip tells us why we should play Guild Wars 2

MMO extraordinaire Mintchip just posted a video on YouTube about her top five reasons everyone should play Guild Wars 2. And there is no disagreeing with her!

Sign up as a GWOnline Secret Charr!

Sure Thanksgiving is not even over yet, but Wintersday is just an Asura-toss away. It is already time to get festive, and what better way to get in the proper Wintersday spirit than by participating in GWOnline’s very own Secret Charr? Secret Charr works exactly the same as Secret Santa, just with a little more […]

Sunday weekly Guild Wars news roundup

Welcome to the second weekly GWOnline news roundup. Last week was as you all know the G*Star 2011, and one news item in particular should get some juices flowing among the PvP community. The ArenaNet development team, with players such as Karl and Izzy, got beat by a fan team comprised of none other than […]
We here at GWOnline are proud to present the Guild Wars 2 comic “Can I Play GW2?” by ActionJack as a feature here on the site. With his very own take on Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet, ActionJack’s comic has been a smash hit in the Guild Wars fan art community. Now also our audience […]
We here at GWOnline were delighted to see how much spooky creativity showed up to haunt the forums for our Halloween contest! The judging is now over, and the winners were announced in the contest thread in our community forum. Grand prize – Battletoad First prize – stoudacz Second prize – Konig Des Todes Third […]