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Another Stress Test!

There will be another Stress Test tomorrow, Friday August 10, 2012 as detailed on the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page.

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today

In case you have not spotted this, as I know many of you don’t use Facebook, there is another stress test today. Ready your game clients!

Stress Test

ArenaNet have announced that there will be a stress test from Noon – 4pm PST on Thursday August 2nd. See their post on Facebook for all the details.

Server Changes in BWE3!

In a new ArenaNet blog post, Mike Ferguson talks about servers and WvW. In previous BWEs, WvW has had some difficulty with various different bugs in the system. Rest assured these have been fixed for this latest BWE. He also revealed that initially at launch, WvW matches will restart every 24 hours to allow for […]

What’s New in BWE3?

Today ArenaNet posted a new blog detailing all the changes players can expect in the final beta weekend event (BWE). Make sure to read the whole article for all the details, but here are the main highlights: -Sylvari and Asura races, cities, personal stories and starting zones will be playable -A new level 17-20 map […]

Win a Guild Wars 2 BWE3 Beta Key

If you are looking for a Beta key for  Guild Wars 2 BWE3 then you could be in luck. We have keys to give away and we’re m,aking it very simple to be in with a chance to win one. All you need to do is fire a comment into this forum thread and winners […]

Sylvari and Asura Will Be Playable Next BWE

The wait is over! In yet another sign that the launch of Guild Wars 2 will soon be upon us, ArenaNet has revealed that the Asura and Sylvari will be playable during the next Beta Weekend Event (BWE). These two races are arguably the most unique races to the Guild Wars 2 universe, and have, […]

RPGamer Interviews Chris Whiteside and Eric Flannum

In a new interview by RPGamer’s Becky Cunningham, ArenaNet’s Chris Whiteside and Eric Flannum talked about the feedback ArenaNet has been getting from the beta weekend events, and changes fans can expect to see in the future beta event(s) and at launch. The interview covers a large range of topics from combat, mini-games, to dyes. […]
Warning: This article details the Act 1 boss encounter of Diablo 3. If you haven’t played the game yet and you’re spoilerphobic, you may not wish to read this. So now that the second GW2 beta weekend is behind us and we’ve had a chance to process everything and settle down, most people have gone […]

Stress Test!

ArenaNet has announced the next Beta Stress test! Characters from previous betas will not be wiped for this event, which is set to be the shortest beta to date. The entire article can be seen on ArenaNet’s blog.

Queensdale – Cry Havoc and Let Loose the Centaurs of War

Guild Wars 2 has  done away with traditional questing in favor of dynamic events. Even though the personal story lets players still experience a more familiar quest structure, when exploring the world outside of these tailored instances they will be hard pressed to find to now so well known exclamation marks. In stead hearing of […]

So You Think You Want to be a Crafter?

This past weekend, thousands of players entered Tyria to experience glorious combat, grand adventures and maybe just a little crafting. Or in my case, a lot of crafting. It seems I was not alone. After the dust settled on the weekend, maybe players took to the Guild Wars 2 Beta Forums to discuss crafting, and […]

BWE2 – What I Did This Weekend – Gorani

First of all, I decided to create a Thief to find another back-up profession to my main. I chose a Norn and went out to explore the “starter world”. I had done the “heart quests” before, so nothing really new caught my attention in the Foothills. My personal story wrapped around Eir and a weapon […]

The Worlds of the Guild Wars 2 Beta

ANet has released a blog reviewing how the worlds work for the Guild Wars 2 betas.  Catch what is going down for BWE2 here.

Mike Ferguson on WvW Updates

Mike Ferguson is back in another ANet blog on WvW.  Among the subjects this time are chat, squads, siege, and BWE1 World Standings. Check it out here!