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Guild Wars Winterday Events and Rewards Detailed

With Wintersday just around the corner, ArenaNet has detailed the list of rewards and events that will be coming to Tyria in Guild Wars 1 from 13 December. As you’d expect, all the rewards are Christmas themed and there is also going to be some fun snowball themed tournaments and quests. Don’t forget the Wintersday […]

Reserve Your Guild Wars Name

This is an important notice for Guild Wars players wanting to reserve their name, ArenaNet will be building their reserved name list on 31 July so if you want to reserve your name from Guild Wars you will need to login to your account before that date to be considered. Also important top note is […]
We take our GWO Alliance tour now to the Frozen Isles were hell may have actually frozen over as we meet and greet with The Order of [Dii].  Guild Leader Lensor and crew threw in a collective potluck of answers to our questions and intrigue…
Continuing our trek through the GWO Alliance we talk to Guild Leader Arcanum of Blade and Rose [BaR] — settled on the lovely Imperial Isle.  Arcanum was kind enough to sit down and talk about the guild…

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

The second Beta Weekend Event over and done with, this week has been packed with impressions and videos. Not as overwhelming as the first one when everything was brand new for several hundred thousand players at once, still an impressive parade! ArenaNet themselves has been mostly quiet this week, catching up on some well-deserved rest […]

Guild Wars Dance Party

Now that Guild Wars 2 is drawing ever nearer, those of us who played the original Guild Wars might be getting a bit sentimental. An end of an era and all that. I know I am. This awesome fan made Guild Wars dance video by YouTuber eeglfethr therefore struck a cord with me. Here’s to […]

Guild Wars 7th Anniversary

Time to party hardy?  Why, yes it is! The Guild Wars Live Team is taking out all the stops as this will be the last Guild Wars Anniversary before Guild Wars 2 releases.  The festivities have already started and will continue until May 8th. A lot of fun new stuff including new special drops and […]

The MS Toga Party is Tomorrow, April 21st!

As most of our visitors have probably noticed, this last month or so there has been a banner promoting the MS Toga Party in our Friends widget. MS Toga Party is a charity fundraising event with the aim to raise support and awareness on Multiple Sclerosis. And tomorrow, April 21, the day has finally come! You can participate […]
  On the serene Imperial Isle with cherry blossoms and solemn Canthan architecture our series takes us to the GWO Alliance guild Blood of the Martyr [Hope].  Guild Officer – and one of the founding members – Twyst sits down to talk about the Guild…
Still waiting for that GW2 beta invite?  We are too – as well as our next [awsm] competitive PvP guild up, Galactic President Superstar Mc [awsm]!  This [awsm] team of gamers sat down with us recently to share their experience and insight on the PvP scene.  Press “more” to join Hadshi, Sheepy, Celly, and Lucy […]
  Within sulfur and waste on the Isle of Wurms can be found the guild base of Veritas Invictus [TRUE].  I met up with Guild Leader Mraezk in this continued series of GWO Alliance guilds…
  While the March GW2 beta sign-ups draw near we look at another Guild Wars PvP competitive guild Husaria Pol [HSR].  Coming to us from Poland is S H A K U R A S who shares about [HSR] as well as gives impressions on PvP.  Strap on your battle gear, and press “more” to […]
  Counting down the days till GW2 PvP?  We certainly are.  We make our way to Germany in visiting with competitive Guild Wars PvP guild Forver And Ever [LaG].  Lineback Police sat down with us to share about [LaG] and give impressions on both PvP in GW1 and GW2 – press “more” to unlock the […]

Guild Wars 2 April Fools’ Pranks

Yesterday was April 1st, and with it came a long string of pranks, jokes and other shenanigans. The Guild Wars 2 community was of course no different.Here are some of the pranks that were pulled: The Official Guild Wars 2 Wiki had a revealing “State of the Game” interview with Colin Johanson. ArenaNet released some interesting […]

Guild Wars 2 Weekly

What a beast of a week! The press beta weekend embargo ended Monday afternoon, and the information release has been massive. There have been a huge amount of preview articles and videos released, and there are more being published every day. And then, when the community was just about to regain their bearings – BAM […]