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Rush’s Guide to Smoother Dungeons

Well hey guys, apologies for the lack of content from me during the past few months. I have been hammering away at school, but now I actually have the free time to write up another handy dandy article! In this guide, I will be sharing with you my preferred team composition for faster, safer, and […]

Some facts about GW2 skills you might have missed…

So you think you are a Guild Wars 2 pro by now, right? You have your favourite skill rotations programmed into muscle memory, efficiently dispatching foe after foe? But don’t be fooled. The true martial artist doesn’t stop at being an efficient killer… the true martial artist seeks true mastery of his weapons. Here’s a […]
Welcome to Guardian weapons training. My name is Zervish Alaris, I will be your instructor today. This training is meant to give you a brief review of weapons and how to use them. It is not an in-depth analysis however… for this, you should talk to a scholar, or try it out on foes in […]

Greatsword Guardian Leveling Build

                      Since Guild wars 2’s release I have been busy leaving a lot of bodies in my wake, instead of writing up new articles. I am back to share with you the leveling build I used. I will be covering the full monty so get […]

Combat Training 101

Welcome to Combat Training 101. My name is Zervish Alaris. I am a Guardian. I will be drawing specific examples from my own experience, however, I mean for this class to be useful to most professions. We will be covering basics of weapon selection, combat movement, combat awareness, and numerical advantage.

A Scholar Eye on the Party Guardian

Today I explore the guardian’s ability to boost his allies both offensively and defensively. Guardians have many tools to use on allies, including virtues, healing magic, and protective bubbles. If you like the idea of an armoured character taking care of allies, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to […]

A Scholar Eye on Minionmancy

If you like a small army of minions, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to know to get started. I will focus on necromancer summoning skills as well as traits that directly modify minions.

Random Comments that Didn’t Fit in the Other Articles

In this article, I’ll be making random comments on quest types, professions, maps and traveling, grouping quick, and UI. Enjoy! Quest types – Made for Diversity Yes, it’s an MMO, so you will have to kill stuff, help people, collect junk. It’s unavoidable. However, ArenaNet has improved the formula quite a bit by: (1) Making […]

Playing Healer in a Healer-Less Game

You all heard ArenaNet saying that they nuked the trinity. No more tanking, no more dedicated healer… I guess they needed to keep the nuker so they could nuke the trinity. Well, what of those who like me loved to play healer? So I made as best as I could a dedicated healer, and gave […]

Rofltations, Spam on Recharge, and Other Terrible Ideas

If someone tells you that Guild Wars 2 gameplay is all rotation or spam-on-recharge, then they are playing like scrubs. It’s that simple. I played Mesmer and Engineer mostly but also other professions, and I can think of many times when I used a skill at the wrong time and regretted it. In fact, it’s […]

Traits: An Analysis

It seems that the trait system is complicated enough for the min-max crowd to sweat over it for a long time. Meanwhile, here’s a handy guide for the rest of us. The big 5: Each profession have 5 trait lines, which can be roughly described as pressure, criticals, defense, healing/support, and profession-specific. Each boosts 2 […]
Previously, I wrote up an initial synthesis of what was known about the mesmer profession then. With the closed beta weekend, a lot of new information has emerged giving the community a much deeper inside look into the workings of the illusionist. Another round of synthesis is necessary. Now before we start, I just wanted […]

Jon Peters on Traits and Attributes

The ArenaNet developer blog has received more love this evening and this time John Peters talks about traits and attributes. If you are wanting to learn about these key character components I suggest you read this as John breaks everything down rather nicely. [ANET]Hey everybody, Jon Peters here with a look at how traits and […]

WoodenPotatoes Explains Guild Wars 2 Skills

Having a little bit of difficulty wrapping your head around the Guild Wars 2 skill system? Fear it will be too simplified compared to the Guild Wars 1 “build wars”? YouTuber WoodenPotatoes does an excellent job out of explaining the differences between Guild Wars 1 and 2, and why the changes should be to the […]
When the thief was announced, people originally thought it was a very similar profession to the ranger. Their combat styles do show similarities, but do not be mistaken, these are very different professions. In my opinion, the ranger is more similar to the necromancer, and the thief is more similar to the mesmer. Nevertheless, many […]