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Bazaar of the Four Winds Live!

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds patch notes.

While We’re Waiting for the Patch to go Live….

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds stuff to read.

The Elementalist’s biased, off-hand choice: Focus?

The Focus is one of two weapons available to the Elementalist for his off hand weapon slot. The other weapon is a Dagger. Currently, the Focus weapon has a lot of drawbacks, compared to the Dagger. In the next few paragraphs, I want to point out those disadvantages, analyse the individual skills a little bit […]

Putting the Spotlight on the Elementalist’s Conjures

Most Elementalist players will agree that the non-elite conjure skills are not exactly the Elementalist’s strongest tools. In this article I will take a closer look at these skills and analyse why that is, and perhaps suggest a way to make them better. The Elementalist is the only Guild Wars 2 profession that has access […]

Weekend Roundup

GWOnline’s own Alaris just posted a great piece on how to learn to play GW2 better. Reminded me again that I really need to learn to combo better. Check it out and then join the discussion in our forums! held a State of the Game on Friday with Jonathan Sharp & Karl McLain from […]

Dailies: an updated guide

Dailies are easy extra income, mystic coins, laurels, and karma. This is a short guide giving some pointers on ways to make the dailies easier, by giving hints on how to incorporate them into normal play or combo-ing them. I would suggest you start with the following if you plan on completing them… they are […]

Rush’s Guide to Smoother Dungeons

Well hey guys, apologies for the lack of content from me during the past few months. I have been hammering away at school, but now I actually have the free time to write up another handy dandy article! In this guide, I will be sharing with you my preferred team composition for faster, safer, and […]

13 skills unlocked, so many to go!

After a few months of beta testing and three months after the release in August, the GWO Elementalist forum has “unlocked” thirteen skills of Guild Wars 2’s attunement swapping profession. What are those “Skills of Interest”, you might ask? On a regular basis, Gorani – the forum’s moderator – takes an in-depth look at a […]

Combat Training 101

Welcome to Combat Training 101. My name is Zervish Alaris. I am a Guardian. I will be drawing specific examples from my own experience, however, I mean for this class to be useful to most professions. We will be covering basics of weapon selection, combat movement, combat awareness, and numerical advantage.

Guild Wars 2 Online Manual and Video Tutorials Pushed Live

If you were weeping at amount of character customisation or simply have no idea where to start, ArenaNet is helping oyu out with their online manual and video tutorial covering key aspects of the game. Everything from getting started, to combat and your personal Story has been included so it’s great way to start. You can […]