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Touring Queen’s Jubilee Guild Wars 2 Preview

New challenges await in the the Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee update.

IncGamers on Guild Wars 2 – First Impressions

The main site is sporting two new articles which have been put together over the past 48 hours. First up is my article after playing during the first 24 hours of the headstart going live, and what a blast I had, just to experience the game in its final state was really enjoyable. The […]

More Guild Wars 2 Impressions

Seeing as we can’t play right now, the next best thing is to read about the game some more. There’s a few new preview articles you can check out today. TechExcitement preview BigShinyRobot gets a guided tour PCWorld preview Atomic Gamer preview It certainly feels like Guild Wars 2 fever is starting to hit.

Post BWE Impressions Around the Net

Well testing os over and excitement builds toward the launch at the end of August. With the beta weekend now in the can, a few articles have popped up with impressions. Shacknews preview Guild Wars 2: What the Fans Are Most Excited About  – Forbes Post BWE3 changes, improvements, and observations UniMaster in the forums […]

Queensdale – Cry Havoc and Let Loose the Centaurs of War

Guild Wars 2 has  done away with traditional questing in favor of dynamic events. Even though the personal story lets players still experience a more familiar quest structure, when exploring the world outside of these tailored instances they will be hard pressed to find to now so well known exclamation marks. In stead hearing of […]

Look no further, Elementalists!

Curious about the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2? Have you been a fan of this profession since the release of Guild Wars seven years ago, or have you been falling in love with the ability to swap attunements since the Beta Weekend in April? Look no further for information about this class on our profession […]
The last time I played Guild Wars 2 was 2 years ago, in Köln during the GamesCom. That was an hour only, standing, in a very crowded and noisy area. This time, I was sitting behind my own (elderly) PC, with only my cats to bother me (told my husband I wouldn’t be available for […]
I was fortunate enough to play Guild Wars 2 this weekend. The following articles marked “beta coverage” are based on my gameplay experience. Trust me when I say this… you will die. A lot. And you will love it. It’s not uncommon to find downed or dead people to revive. It’s not uncommon to be […]

Beta Weekend 2 Coverage Round-up – Part 2

There’s been a lot of GW2 action since the Beta wrapped up so let’s tale a look at more of of the coverage both here and around the Intertubes. GWO How to gether, how to craft – by Gorani Running and Waypoints in GW2 – by CMEPTb Musings of an Armchair Mesmer – Changes between beta tests – […]

Rofltations, Spam on Recharge, and Other Terrible Ideas

If someone tells you that Guild Wars 2 gameplay is all rotation or spam-on-recharge, then they are playing like scrubs. It’s that simple. I played Mesmer and Engineer mostly but also other professions, and I can think of many times when I used a skill at the wrong time and regretted it. In fact, it’s […]

Beta Weekend Coverage Round-up – Part 1

Over the next few days there will be lots of Beta coverage landing on the intertubes so will keep you all up to date with all the articles and videos as they come in. We will keep a compiled thread on the go in the forums which you can find here. So far as the […]

Guild Wars Discussed on Latest Gametrailers Invisible Walls

The latest Invisible Walls episode has just landed on Gametrailers and on this week’s show the guys talk about last weekend’s Guild Wars 2 Beta test. Listen and watch below for their impressions.

What I did on my GW2 Beta trip part 2

At the end of my last report on my experiences over the GW2 beta I’d just helped to defeat the the mighty wurm, Issormir, earning me respect from my fellow Norn hunters; and it now appears to be the day after, or possibly longer after drinking all that ale, since the Great Hunt.

What I did on my GW2 Beta Trip

There was just too much information gathered this weekend to contain in just one overview of the game so here I am again to go through, in much more detail, my first adventures in Tyria or: What I did on my GW2 Beta Trip