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Important Notice on Guild Wars 2 Event Disconnects

Most major events have a few snags and if you had disconnect problems stopping you get your hands on rewards then read this importance notice from Anet.

Guild Wars 2 Support Updates – Saturday 1 September

More notes on issues that are either resolved or not resolved for today.

Maintenance – Email Authentication – Issues Update

As with all new releases there are reports of account hacks which is a common problem with new releases. ArenaNet also commented on some of the issues they are getting reports on.

Latest Support Updates

First up many of you may have received a reset password email today, I know I did, but fear not it’s a glitch and you canke delete the mail: A further lengthy support notice regarding the high volume of support tickets has also been posted

Note on Latest Error Codes and Issues from ArenaNet

ArenaNet have been working hard to resolve the issues today and posted the following note regarding error codes.

ArenaNet Makes Tweaks

ArenaNet are flat-out trying to sort error code issues and they have posted a further update on 1032. People are still reporting they are getting the 1038 error so it looks like there are still plenty of players having problems getting their accounts setup for the game. Don’t forget to check our support forum if you […]