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GWOnline.TV Wants Your Vids

So you have made it into the game at last. A quick reminder to everyone that if you shoot some cool videos then make sure you share them with the community on GWOnline TV. It takes seconds to add your Youtube videos and it’s a great way for the community to find all the GW2 […]

Guild Wars 2 Beta Footage

Over the last couple of days we at GWOnline have pushed out a lot of gameplay footage from last week-end’s Guild Wars 2 Press Beta event. Too much footage in fact to post everything here. And we are still not done! Here is but a taste:

Latest GWOnline TV Guild Wars 2 Videos

Time to take a look at GWOnline TV and see what’s new. I have also pieced together some more Elementalist footage I uncovered on my HD from the personal story where you have to retrieve the supply crates, and needless to say I did this quest the hard way, only utilising the cannons toward the […]