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ArenaNet’s Mike Z talks first anniversary and the future of Guild Wars 2

Mike Z is enthusiastic about the future of Guild Wars 2 in this interview.

Guild Wars 2 player base continues to increase

New players joining at a steady pace according to Isaiah Cartwright

Guild Wars 2 Anniversary plans – Get ready to celebrate from 20 August

New content that will answer "open questions". A story that "affects the entire world" in the next Guild Wars 2 update.

Queen’s Jubilee, Euro Invitational Finalists, PVP Solo Queue, Spell Effect Changes, More

Newest Living Story release announced. Celebrate 10 years of Queen Jeennah's rule.

Cutthroat Politics, Soundcloud, Best Dressed Contest, Colin Blog Post Thursday

Guild Wars 2 Cutthroat Politics, Colin Interview, Kites in Gem Store

Guild Wars 2 Living Story Interviews and Lots of Them!

Compilation of Guild Wars 2 Living Story Interviews with Chris Whiteside and Mike Zadorojny.

WvW Basics Questions and No Expansion for Guild Wars 2?

Over in the official forums, Hugh “Nightmare” Norfolk is asking for questions about WvW that people unfamiliar or new to it might have for a stream he’ll be doing on Friday Noon Pacific (7pm UTC) at their Twitch.TV page. And my slightly sensational headline has been deflated a bit by Colin’s comment in the official […]

Regina Interview

Regina Buenaobra, as most of you know, is the community manager at ArenaNet and there’s a nice interview with here online here in which discusses her role at the company and of course Guild Wars 2. Given the behind the scenes access Regina has, being part of ArenaNet, we were wondering how much, if at all, it […]

Guild Wars 2 Reddit AMA with Chris Whiteside on Monday

Following the update from Chris Whitside yesterday on the Lost Shores and future plans, Chris has decided to hold an AMA on Reddit this Monday to answer queries on the game moving forward. [ANET]Thanks for your feedback we really appreciate it. I would like to take the opportunity to answer your questions in an AMA […]

Jeff Grubb Interview

The guys over at recently caught up with ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb to find what’s in store now the game is just around the corner. Click and watch!

Matt Wuerffel’s Interview in the New York Post

Guild Wars 2 developer Matt Wuerffel was interviewed by William Vitka of the New York Post. The lengthy piece provides some in-depth insights into many of the aspects which we have experienced during the BWE’s and stress tests. It also gives us a brief view into the life of the alpha testers and their close […]

ArenaNet Global Brand Manager Chris Lye talks Subscription Models

Many of you will have heard this week that EA and Bioware are to move Star Wars: The Old Republic over to a free to play model this autumn which was not exactly surprising news. In an inrerview  on the Verghe, ArenaNet global brand manager Chris Lye discusses how the world of MMOs and subscription […]

FANtastic Friday – SageLikeOne Interview

For this weeks FANtastic Friday we have the very special guest SageLikeOne on for an interview about himself and his youtube channel. Without further ado, here it is: [GWOnline] Hi Sage, last time we had you on you were doing a guest blog about starting your own youtube channel. You said you started with the […]

RPGamer Interviews Chris Whiteside and Eric Flannum

In a new interview by RPGamer’s Becky Cunningham, ArenaNet’s Chris Whiteside and Eric Flannum talked about the feedback ArenaNet has been getting from the beta weekend events, and changes fans can expect to see in the future beta event(s) and at launch. The interview covers a large range of topics from combat, mini-games, to dyes. […]