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We take our GWO Alliance tour now to the Frozen Isles were hell may have actually frozen over as we meet and greet with The Order of [Dii].  Guild Leader Lensor and crew threw in a collective potluck of answers to our questions and intrigue…
Continuing our trek through the GWO Alliance we talk to Guild Leader Arcanum of Blade and Rose [BaR] — settled on the lovely Imperial Isle.  Arcanum was kind enough to sit down and talk about the guild…

MMO Reviews Interviews Eric Flannum

MMO Reviews sat down with Eric Flannum to talk PvP, PvE, and WvW.  Check the interview here.

GW2 on Rifts, Waterworld and the Nail in the Coffin of Quests

An article on the Verge by Emily Gera looks into Guild Wars 2 with ANet Systems Designer Jon Peters and Global Brand Director Chris Lye.  The familiar and new of MMO gaming are discussed in relation to some core mechanics which make GW2 the game it is.
GWOnline is very happy to present this interview with ArenaNet about their insights from the beta process so far, and how they go about balancing the game now that we are getting ever closer to release. We were particularly excited to learn that ArenaNet can roll out and test changes to 100 skills in mere minutes, allowing […]
  On the serene Imperial Isle with cherry blossoms and solemn Canthan architecture our series takes us to the GWO Alliance guild Blood of the Martyr [Hope].  Guild Officer – and one of the founding members – Twyst sits down to talk about the Guild…
Still waiting for that GW2 beta invite?  We are too – as well as our next [awsm] competitive PvP guild up, Galactic President Superstar Mc [awsm]!  This [awsm] team of gamers sat down with us recently to share their experience and insight on the PvP scene.  Press “more” to join Hadshi, Sheepy, Celly, and Lucy […]
  Within sulfur and waste on the Isle of Wurms can be found the guild base of Veritas Invictus [TRUE].  I met up with Guild Leader Mraezk in this continued series of GWO Alliance guilds…

Mike O’Brien on Microtransactions

With so much coverage going on here at GWO following the Beta weekend, this almost slipped through the net. Mike O’Brien has been talking to PCGamers about the microtransacton model in Guild Wars 2 following last week’s announcement. The article/interview can be checked out on PCGamer. Here’s a quick snip: [ANET]“You know it’s not going […]

Interview With Jon Peters Over at ZAM

Following the Guild Wars 2 press beta a couple of weeks ago and the World versus World blog post and Reddit AMA just after that, it is safe to say that Guild Wars 2 PvP is on a lot of minds these days. So it was quite the treat to read a new interview with […]
  While the March GW2 beta sign-ups draw near we look at another Guild Wars PvP competitive guild Husaria Pol [HSR].  Coming to us from Poland is S H A K U R A S who shares about [HSR] as well as gives impressions on PvP.  Strap on your battle gear, and press “more” to […]
  Counting down the days till GW2 PvP?  We certainly are.  We make our way to Germany in visiting with competitive Guild Wars PvP guild Forver And Ever [LaG].  Lineback Police sat down with us to share about [LaG] and give impressions on both PvP in GW1 and GW2 – press “more” to unlock the […]

Kill Ten Rats Interviews Community Manager Rubi Bayer

Ravious over att the Kill Ten Rats blog just published an interview with ArenaNet’s freshest Community Manager Rubi Bayer. Rubi tells us about her new job and shares some advice on how to approach being a community figure: [anet]Love what you do, warts and all. If it’s just a paycheck for you, or if you […]

Mike Ferguson’s Reddit AMA on GW2 World vs World

In the middle of the beta signup craze, Mike Ferguson completed his previously promised AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. He answered a lot of questions, but here are some of the more interesting bits: On population cap: [anet]We are still doing tests to see just how far we can push the numbers for WvW. […]
  Next up in the GWO Alliance series is Massively Overpowered [MVOP]. Situated in Pre-Ascalonian Wizard’s Isle this overpowered Guild granted me an interview with their Guild Leader Tanek recently.  Here is what went down…