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Asura Week Day 1

At the first day of Asura week, ArenaNet spoiled us with not one, but two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret, who gave us a glimpse on what went into designing the Asura. From an almost Skritt-like creature to the Asura we love-hate today. He then ends the blog post with an absolutely breathtaking […]

Asura Week Incoming

ArenaNet has announced that next week is Asura week and this is what’s planned. Monday, 9/12 – An asura character design blog post by concept artist Matthew Barrett, the key artist responsible for the look of the asura. Monday, 9/12 – BONUS! We’re throwing in an extra asura short story by loremaster Jeff Grubb! Tuesday, […]

Anet | Dream and Nightmare

In the last part of the Sylvari week, Ree Soesbee gives us insights into the origin, culture, the biology, and dreams and nightmares of the Sylvari race, and the Pale Tree. It starts like this: The sylvari are the youngest race in Guild Wars 2, awakened with the rise of the new age in Tyria. […]

Sylvari Race Page Update

It’s day four of Sylvari week and ArenaNet has added the Sylvari race page to the Guild Wars 2 site which includes some tasty wallpapers and shots. There is of course more background info on the plant people if you need to brush up on your lore. Next week is going to be interesting with […]

Anet | The Sylvari Soul – Angel McCoy

  The second article covering the Sylvari has been released. Angel McCoy gives an insight into design of the lore for the Sylvari. In the process, we learn about the life style and culture of the Sylvari. The article is supplemented with Sylvari audio clips giving a glimpse into the way the Sylvari think. Head […]

Anet | Kristen Perry – Redesigning the Sylvari

  The first article on the week-long coverage of the Sylvari has just been released. Kristen Perry discusses the thought processes and challenges on the design and redesign of the Sylvari. She writes that: There’s one big root to the design direction of the Sylvari that I hold most dear: it all must stem from […]

Norn Week Incoming

So the Humans have had their turn in the spotlight but next week it’s the turn of the Norn. Starting Monday we can all look foward to finding out more about the shape shifting half-giants including features from the dev team, new art and a Norn trailer. Can’t wait! Roll on Monday.

Read your maps

With a little help from a graphics program, you can spot certain interesting items on the map of Tyria that comes with the “Ghosts of Ascalon” novel. To start with my little bit of nerd geography, I used a graphics program to create an overlay of the new map from “Ghosts of Ascalon” and the […]

Guild Wars Novel Detailed

ArenaNet designer Jeff Grubb has been writing about his co-authorship of forthcoming Guild Wars novel “Ghosts of Ascalon.” Penned in tandem with Matt Forbeck, “Ghosts of Ascalon” will provide some background lore to the game universe as it stands one year before the time of Guild Wars 2, and detail a tentative truce between man […]

First Novel Based on Guild Wars Announced

NCSoft has announced the first novel based in the Guild Wars universe, the Ghosts of Ascalon. Written by authors Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck, Ghosts of Ascalon sets the stage for the release of Guild Wars 2. The novel is scheduled for release in North America and Europe this summer and takes place in Tyria. […]