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Guild Wars 2 Digital Sales Open Once Again

Following the cracking launch and high sales, ArenaNet took down their online digital download sales of Guild Wars 2. The good news today is you can now purchase Guild Wars 2 once again online. ArenaNet has now added extra server capacity. [ANET]NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and […]

Guild Wars 2 Top Selling Game in the UK

It doesn’t happen often, but a PC title has once again taken the top spot in the UK’s multi-format chart for this week. Guild Wars was last week’s biggest release coming straight in at #1. It’s no huge surprise then that ArenaNet has stalled digital purchases, it’s the game everyone wants. However, ChartTrack points out […]

Guild Wars 2 Pre-orders at TESCO

UK gamers looking to pre-order Guild Wars 2 can do so from today through TESCO. TESCO Entertainament has the game on sale for £34.97 which I think is the cheapest I have come across yet in the UK.

Amazon Featuring Guild Wars 2 Pre-order With $5 Credit Bonus

Many pf you will have already pre-ordered but if you are still wanting to take the plunge, Amazon has a Guild Wars 2 special offer on right now where you not only get the head-start and beta access but you also get a $5 video games credit. Pre-order Guild Wars 2 for PC download and get a $5 […]

Guild Wars 2 Reveals Potential New T-Shirt Designs

The Guild Wars 2 team turned to Facebook today to show off the new designs they are considering for a line of t-shirts they will offer up to fans of the game. All 10 of the designs can be found here. Not only can you take a sneak peak at these shirts, but you can […]

Guild Wars 2 Peripherals are Here!

Need a new mouse or headset before Guild Wars 2 launches? Now you can equip yourself with official Guild Wars 2 computer accessories. ArenaNet and SteelSeries announced that they will be teaming up to produce Guild Wars 2 peripherals! Check out SteeleSeries official website for more details on the available items here.

US Digital Pre-orders Temporarily Sold Out

If you’re in the US I hope you got in nice and early with your pre-order because the digital pre-order are now temporarily “sold out”. Regina posted this a little while ago to explain the situation. [ANET]”We have sold out of keys for digital distribution in North America. GameStop and Best Buy still have stock […]

NCSoft Explain Pricing Discrepancy with CE in US and Europe

As many of you wil have noiticed, it’s more expensive to get your hands on a CE of Guild Wars 2 if you are in Europe. So why is that? NCSoft has commented on this because the CE costs $149.99 in the US and €149.99/£129.99 in Europe. With the with the excahnge rate you can […]
This is the big one guys! NCSoft just sent out a Press release detailing Guild Wars 2 editions and retail prizing. Beginning April 10 you will be able to pre-purchase the Guild Wars 2 editions “Collector’s”, “Digital Deluxe” and “Standard”. Follow after the jump for the full run-down on what each edition contains.

Guild Wars 2 Retail Partners Listed

ArenaNet has now released their list of retail partners for pre-order which kicks off on 10 April. The list covers most countries and it’s annotated with CE so you know where that special edition is going to be available. Check out the list in the Wiki and key an eye out for updates to the […]

Charr Plush Now Back in Stock

Looking for something mean looking to cuddle up to on these cold winter nights? ArenaNet has announced that the Charr Plush toy is now back in stock so get one while you can.

Winds of Change (Part 1) is Live!

If you have a thing against the afflicted (who doesn’t?), then head over to Kaineng to talk to Initiate Zei Ri and to start with the cleansing process. Also, check out the new costumes, as well as new items to be gained (I’d wait for parts 2-3 before getting items though, to see all the […]

Guild Wars 2 2011 Wall Calendar

Yoi know the crappy calendars you usually get at the end of the year that get hung in the kitchen? Well you can now replace them with the official Guild Wars 2 2011 calendar which is available now. Mark the days of the year with the magnificent fantasy imagery of the Guild Wars 2 2011 […]

First Novel Based on Guild Wars Announced

NCSoft has announced the first novel based in the Guild Wars universe, the Ghosts of Ascalon. Written by authors Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck, Ghosts of Ascalon sets the stage for the release of Guild Wars 2. The novel is scheduled for release in North America and Europe this summer and takes place in Tyria. […]

The Art of Guild Wars 2 on sale now!

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