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Guild Wars 2 Digital Sales Open Once Again

Following the cracking launch and high sales, ArenaNet took down their online digital download sales of Guild Wars 2. The good news today is you can now purchase Guild Wars 2 once again online. ArenaNet has now added extra server capacity. [ANET]NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and […]

Gamer Safety Week

Apparently some big video game developers and publishers took heed of RDarken’s Account Security column last week, and dubbed this week starting February 6th “Gamer Safety Week”! (Fine, I know that was not why, but any chance to plug ourselves, right?) The “Gamer Safety Week” is no joke though. During this week, each participant company […]
The end of the convention season is here, and rounding up the field is the G*Star 2011. Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet and their publisher NCsoft are of course at site, for the first time showcasing Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market. For the convention the Guild Wars 2 demo has been beefed up, with more character […]

NCsoft sale – Half off on the GW 1 trilogy + Eye of the North

This coming weekend, NCsoft is offering the original Guild Wars 1 trilogy and the expansion Eye of the North for half prize. The sales prizes are Guild Wars Trilogy for $14.99 and Eye of the North for $9.99. The sale runs from November 25 (12:01 AM Pacific Time) to November 28 (11:59 PM Pacific Time) […]

NCSoft | NCsoft West at gamescom 2011

In preparation for next week’s gamescom convention, NCSoft has announced their activity schedule for next week. It’s almost all about Guild Wars 2 this year! Althought the schedule has been posted here, make sure to visit their website as the live stream will be hosted on that site. It looks like this coming week will […]

ArenaNet outlines Guild Wars 2 Convention Plans

The PR trail is set to continue this summer with Guild Wars 2 turning up at most of the major conventions which will give fans the opportunity to see the game in action. ArenaNet will be turning up at the following events, so if you think you can plan some holiday time around these dates, […]

Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto Blog

ArenaNet has updated their ArenanNet blog with an article by Mike O’Brien entitled Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto. In the blog Mike discusses combat, storytelling and dynamic events as a way to reinvigorate the MMO genre. This is well worth checking out. Here’s a quick snip GW2 adds even more possibilities for distinguishing yourself in […]

Evony Stoops to New Low

We’ve all seen the Evony ads which usually consist of some scantily-clad character being ogled by a male character. The latest ad could have stooped to a new low as community member Sjeng points out in a forum post here on IncGamers. The animated banner shows a female character in the usual state of undress […]

First Novel Based on Guild Wars Announced

NCSoft has announced the first novel based in the Guild Wars universe, the Ghosts of Ascalon. Written by authors Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck, Ghosts of Ascalon sets the stage for the release of Guild Wars 2. The novel is scheduled for release in North America and Europe this summer and takes place in Tyria. […]