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Your Voice Of Tyria – Do Your Own !

Voice acting is a “hot iron” in video games. Game developers can easily burn the fans of a game with the choice of the voice actors and how the voice acting is actually done. Localization can even do more harm with silly translations and voices that sound very differently than the original English voice actors. […]

IncGamers Podcast #75 – Guild Wars 2 Featured

This week’s IncGamers podcast is now online and features myself and Peter discussing the Guild Wars 2 Beta. For a change we released a video edition which includes GW2 gameplay, some of which you may have seen here on the site already. Listen or watch for all the gaming news and gossip. Also subscribe to […]

MMOReport Covers Pre-orders and CE

The latest MMOReport is now live and kicking and in this week’s episode the pre-rders and CE are discussed along with other MMO news.

IncGamers Podcast Episode 70 – Guild Wars 2

The latest episode of the IncGamers Podcast is now out and in this edition I am probed about the Guild Wars 2 Beta among other hot topics of the past week. You can catch this latest show on

Weekly news roundup – link extravaganza!

This week ArenaNet and NCsoft showed off Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market at the G*Star 2011 gaming convention (Convention site, NCsoft booth, ArenaNet flickr stream). The demo was beefed up with more character creation options and better in-game cinematics, among other things (ArenaNet blog about the new demo, ArenaNet blog about the improved […]

G4 PAX Feedback – GW2 Included

The G4 team has posted their latest Feedback video which looks back at their top games of PAX and naturally Guild Wars 2 is included in their discussion.

Massively Speaking Sylvari

It’s been an exciting week with all the Sylvari updates and in the latest episode of the Massively Speaking podcast, they discuss all the info that’s been flooding out so far this week. Pop over and give it a listen, if you haven’t already done so of course.

MMO Report Guild Wars 2 Special

There’s a new MMO Report and this latest edition is a Guild Wars 2 special from ArenaNet following last week’s press events with casey checking out the game and offices. Get stuck in! Thanks Nemeon Lion.

Guild Wars 2 Fan Day on Gamebreaker TV

Gamebreaker TV’s ‘This week in MMOs’ includes a segment discussing last week’s Guild Wars 2 Fan Day at ArenaNet discussing what when down at the studio. Tune in below:

MMO Report on the Engineer

The Engineer news keeps on flowing and the latest G4 MMO Report with Casey mentions the new profession in this week’s MMO news round-up.

Massively Podcast on Guild Wars 2

This week’s Massively Speaking podcast discusses among other things Guild Wars 2. There has been quite a few interviews this week and the interview that stood out was the one right here on Guild Wars: IncGamers which peaked their interest on the podcast. Well done to everyone here in the community for coming up with […]

GuildCast #20

The latest Guild Wars GuildCast podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure and in this latest installment the team discuss the latest Dev Blog updates including armor, crafting, and Transmutation Stones. Download the latest episode from their site now.