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It’s Friday Evening, a few minutes before 8PM GMT and all around the globe there’s several dozen giddy people settling down by their desktops and laptops making final tweaks to their video recording software, making sure they have have supplies to last for a few hours or a few days. Netbooks and tablets and good […]

Guild Wars 2 – Press Beta Weekend – Second Impressions

Initial impressions aside which I spoke briefly about in the first report, this game is worth the hype, the years in waiting, everything. It’s beautifully made and polished and everything from the giant Dynamic Events to the rabbits hopping around in the lush, highly detailed grass. That being said, let’s get down to a bit […]

ArenaNet Dev Team Share their Favourite Guild Wars 2 Skills

IGN managed to pin down the ArenaNet dev team to find out exactly what their favourite professions and skills are in the game. It’s  fun read and there are nine to read through. Here’s a snip: Well of Darkness + Churning Earth = Rockin’ AoE Damage Professions: Necromancer, Elementalist “This is a brutal combo. A […]

MMORPG | Guild Wars 2 preview extravaganza

Our friends over at just published not one, not two, but three(!) preview articles about Guild Wars 2. Part one focuses on the PvP, part 2 takes a look at how the PvE is coming along, and the final part is an editorial about the game in general looking forward, especially in relation to […]

Tap Repeatedly | GW2 impressions

The always excellent Lewis B over at Tap Repeatedly just posted an in-depth blog post where he shares with the reader his impressions of GW2 from playing both PvP and PvE at the 2011 Eurogamer expo in London. In conclusion, Guild Wars 2 is one of the finest games I have ever played. It isn’t […]

PCGamer | GW2 preview

  ArenaNet is garnering even more mainstream gaming media attention with this preview published at the PCGamer website today. The author Rich McCormic gives his impressions of the game from a recent demo event, hosted by Eric Flannum. “I don’t know if you noticed, but our dynamic events are very visual.” Yes Eric, I did notice, […]

CynicalBrit | High Level Sylvari Necromancer Gameplay

TotalBiscuit is at the Eurogamer Expo and got the chance to play some high level content with a sylvari necromancer. Part 1: Part 2:

Rock Paper Shotgun | Asura Thing? A Guild Wars 2 Preview

Just today Alec Meer over at Rock Paper Shotgun published a preview on Guild Wars 2, using a play on words to allude to the way GW2 is looking. He talks about the art, the personalized biography and story, dynamic events, swimming, and elite content. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked into […]

More PAX Impressions

A couple more PAX articles have surfaced today, the first coming from the guys at Massively who went hands-on with the Asura. The second article comes from community member Vampiresbane who has whipped up an overview of ‘Supporting the Community and Designing Dynamic Events‘ which is the first part in a series being put together […]
There has been quite a few articles and videos pop up this week which you may want to check out, some from PAX an also Gamescom. As always we’ll keep you up to date with more coverage as it happens and feel free to mail in anything you spot for the news: Previews PikiGeek PAX […]

Gameinformer | Rabbits Versus Dragons In GW2

As gamescom media coverage picks up, Gameinformer has released a preview summary of GW2. The author states: “It was only a month ago at Comic-Con that I had my first hands-on time with Guild Wars 2 and walked away wildly impressed. Yesterday at Gamescom, I had the opportunity to sit down for two longer play […]

IncGamers Hands-on Preview

John over on the main site has today posted his hands-on preview based on play time in Germany last week. What’s interesting about this article is that John has gone hands-on with a few upcoming MMOs  so he has a good taste of where Guild Wars 2 is currently positioned. John is not a […]

Changing the Game Article

It looks like the recent Fan Day has meant more articles on GW2 which can only be a good thing. The latest is a new article on IGN called Changing the Game which is based on recent play time. Nothing monumental in the article that we don’t already know but worth a read for the […]

PC Gamer | GW2 Preview (May 15 2011)

Continuing on seemingly constant stream of GW2 interviews, PC Gamer released a preview at a rather unusal time (today, Sunday). While the preview does not contain any major information releases such as the next profession, it does provide a very visceral feel for the game through a writing style as below: It’s hard to tear […]