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The Elementalist’s biased, off-hand choice: Focus?

The Focus is one of two weapons available to the Elementalist for his off hand weapon slot. The other weapon is a Dagger. Currently, the Focus weapon has a lot of drawbacks, compared to the Dagger. In the next few paragraphs, I want to point out those disadvantages, analyse the individual skills a little bit […]

Putting the Spotlight on the Elementalist’s Conjures

Most Elementalist players will agree that the non-elite conjure skills are not exactly the Elementalist’s strongest tools. In this article I will take a closer look at these skills and analyse why that is, and perhaps suggest a way to make them better. The Elementalist is the only Guild Wars 2 profession that has access […]

13 skills unlocked, so many to go!

After a few months of beta testing and three months after the release in August, the GWO Elementalist forum has “unlocked” thirteen skills of Guild Wars 2’s attunement swapping profession. What are those “Skills of Interest”, you might ask? On a regular basis, Gorani – the forum’s moderator – takes an in-depth look at a […]

Conditions against Power & Criticals

This new [Guide] thread in the Elementalist forum was made to help you balance your capabilities at dealing condition based damage, “raw” damage fuelled by your Power attribute, or going for critical strikes against your opponents. It also covers some damage formulas, which at the current state of the game are not all officially confirmed […]

Look no further, Elementalists!

Curious about the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2? Have you been a fan of this profession since the release of Guild Wars seven years ago, or have you been falling in love with the ability to swap attunements since the Beta Weekend in April? Look no further for information about this class on our profession […]

Is There a Range For Everyone?

I have played the Elementalist now for a second day (still unlocking skills on weapons, currently the Focus as the final weapon) and I have to say that I am starting to get a favourite range: not too close, not too far. Switching to main hand dagger this morning showed me how limited the range […]

Swapping Attunements – More Fun for Elementalists?

I started a new Norn Elementalist this beta weekend and discovered something worth talking about – the speed of the skill unlocks of weapon skills. For most professions, this probably works pretty fast: They have a starter weapon, they unlock three skills – they get an off hand weapon (reward for first storyline quest, bought […]

Charr Beta Gameplay Footage #2

I have finally had some time to dig through the video today and I have put together a couple more videos to show my Charr Elementalist out questing and dropping in on a couple of events down at the tar pits and then taking on the Flame Legion. The second of the two videos is […]
Here is the second and final part of the interview we had with the Guild Wars Live Team. Robert Gee talks about the changes we will see  to the Elementalist profession in Guild Wars in the near future. This update was originally scheduled to be released before Wintersday, but it got pushed back, so it […]

Head to Head: Engineer vs Elementalist

People who know me know I love summons. But more than that, I do love hybrids. Guild Wars 2 will offer a lot of ways to play hybrid with all professions, especially with the weapon swaps. However, the two most flexible on-the-fly hybrids have one thing in common… they do not have a weapon swap. […]

CynicalBrit | Thief and Elementalist PvP gameplay

TotalBiscuit is at the Eurogamer Expo, his cold is all better, and now he is playing a norn thief and a norn elementalist in competitive instanced PvP! Thief gameplay Elementalist gameplay

30 days of Fire

I have decided that we have to start more things here on the site for players to keep themselves happy in Guild Wars. So I thought I could initiate another topic based thread about screen shots and pictures. That’s why I created a new thread in the Profession forum and proclaimed “30 days of Fire”, […]

Guild Wars 2 Combat & Elementalist

The flurry of Guild Wars 2 articles continue over on the official site and today with everyone is being treated to an article on the Elementalist and another from Lead Designer Eric Flannum on Skills which is a two part feature which continues tomorrow.  The Elementalist update comes woth great new shots and a fantastic […]