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It’s been over a week since the head start and I can safely say that my favourite profession, thus far, is the Engineer. The liberal use of high explosives this profession has aside, the main reason I’ve been enjoying the Engineer is the sheer amount of versatility that it has at its disposal.

Playing Healer in a Healer-Less Game

You all heard ArenaNet saying that they nuked the trinity. No more tanking, no more dedicated healer… I guess they needed to keep the nuker so they could nuke the trinity. Well, what of those who like me loved to play healer? So I made as best as I could a dedicated healer, and gave […]

The Norn Engineer Creation Story Video

Right from the start of the game your character’s journey begins and this is how you get set on your way with a Norn Engineer. Stunning!
The engineer got a tool belt overcharge, where every slotted heal/utility skill has a tool belt counterpart. Rangers are able to hotswap between two different pets in combat. And combos have a graphical interphase and their very own nomenclature (“initators” set up the combo and “finishers”, well, finish). These are but some of the news in the blog post Jon […]

Head to Head: Engineer vs Elementalist

People who know me know I love summons. But more than that, I do love hybrids. Guild Wars 2 will offer a lot of ways to play hybrid with all professions, especially with the weapon swaps. However, the two most flexible on-the-fly hybrids have one thing in common… they do not have a weapon swap. […]

ComicCon 2011 Engineer Footage

Spotted this footage of the Engineer in action from the version that’s on show at Comic Con. It’s shakey-cam but it’s pretty decent quality showing Engineer skills in action as well as under water combat.

Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum

Another short Engineer Profession Q&A with Eric Flannum has emerged at Tentonhammer. Topics covered include technology in GW2 as it is embodied in the engineer profession, the wrench, compatibility of the profession to different races, and some insights into turrets. Source: Tentonhammer

MMO Report on the Engineer

The Engineer news keeps on flowing and the latest G4 MMO Report with Casey mentions the new profession in this week’s MMO news round-up.

FAQing the Engineer

You may still have a a few unanswered questions on the Engineer so to try and clear a few of the more common questions up, a new FAQ has been posted by ArenaNet on the official blog. Are you concerned that the Engineer doesn’t ‘fit’ in the Guild Wars Universe? Here’s what ArenaNet have to […]

Another Engineer Q&A

More Engineer action to end the week with a short interview over on where Eric Flannum answers more questions on the profession.  Topics include lore, skills and how the Engineer fits with the other professions. Here’s a snip: What type of abilities will Engineers use? Will there be ranged weapons and gadgets? In addition […]

Eric Flannum Talks Engineer

In a new interview on Massively, Eric Flanuum talks more about the Engineer with topics including weapons and gadgets, elixir guns, turrets and more. Here’s a quick primer: Turrets are an exciting concept, but are they complicated to pack up and move, so to speak? What is the skill activation time and recharge like on […]

Gamereactor | Interview-Part 2: The Engineer

  Media galore day! Gamereactor has released their second part of their interview to complement the release of the new Engineer profession. Many questions were asked to help flesh out more details about this new profession. Head on over to their site, read the interview and share your thoughts here! Source: Gamereactor Interview Part 2