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Musings of an Arm-Chair Mesmer: Changes Between Betas

In the previous weekend, I finally also got to peek inside the matrix that is GW2. Many of my colleagues have published or will publish various aspects of the beta. But as a mesmer fan, I thought I would focus on one particular aspect by asking: What has changed for the mesmer between the two […]

The Mesmer Experience ™

I admit it, the Mesmer was not my favorite profession in Guild Wars. I had a love-hate relationship. I did love what the profession stood for, what it did, and how it did it. I just never really got into it, mainly because it had ways of making me feel useless. I had fun with […]
Previously, I wrote up an initial synthesis of what was known about the mesmer profession then. With the closed beta weekend, a lot of new information has emerged giving the community a much deeper inside look into the workings of the illusionist. Another round of synthesis is necessary. Now before we start, I just wanted […]

Synthesis: What’s known about the Mesmer?

The release of the 8th and final profession – the Mesmer – was accompanied by a deluge of interviews. Through these interviews and the profession page, we have learned that the Mesmer is a magical-duelist who uses his or her illusions, and mental trickery to confuse a foe and setup situations beneficial only to the […]

Your mesmer has evolved !!!

250 seems to have changed the mesmer a lot. He has a lot more visual effects for one, so that foes and allies alike can see he’s doing *something*. He’s also decided to move the names of spells to new unrelated spells, just to confuse us… ah yes, mesmers like to do that. But has […]

Head to Head: Mesmer vs Thief

With the mesmer right off from the press, I thought I’d do a head to head with it. And who best to compare with than the … thief? What was I thinking? Well, in a recent interview, a dev described the mesmer as “a fencing, dueling, finesse, mind game profession”. Does it sound like a […]

Eric Flannum Talks Mesmer

Eric Flannum managed to talk to NowGamer about the eight and final class which we all know now is the Mesmer. In the interview Eric discusses the design of the class as well as some of the skills. To what extent have you expanded the Mesmer lore in Guild Wars 2 to flesh out the […]
We all knew it was coming, but that does not make it any less exciting to see it finally here. Today ArenaNet finally, officially, unequivocally revealed the Guild Wars 2 mesmer to the world! The iconic Guild Wars class is back, and it is looking better and badder than ever. Taking the loss of the, […]