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A Scholar Eye on Minionmancy

If you like a small army of minions, look no further. This primer will give you all that you need to know to get started. I will focus on necromancer summoning skills as well as traits that directly modify minions.

CynicalBrit | High Level Sylvari Necromancer Gameplay

TotalBiscuit is at the Eurogamer Expo and got the chance to play some high level content with a sylvari necromancer. Part 1: Part 2:

Necrobator | A Detailed Look at Lich Form

Necrophiliacs rejoice! The Necromancer specialist site has just released an article discussing in detail the necromancer elite skill “Lich Form”. One of Sardu’s conclusions:   It amazes me just how much a single elite can open up a whole new layer of depth in combat, but ArenaNet definitely proved just how powerful elites in Guild […]

Necrobater | Interview with Johanson – Part 2

The second part of the interview with Colin Johanson at Necrobator has posted. The second part covers in-depth analysis of play-styles for the necromancer as well as interesting tid-bids on exploration and social gameplay in GW2. Although not entirely new, the part that got me most excited was: All of those have passages that lead […]

Necrobater | SDCC Interview with Colin Johanson

Necro-philiacs rejoice! Starting up my GW2 news round searches again, I found this very interesting interview (courtesy of Google search, but the interview has also been found on Guru). It’s a very interesting interview covering topics from skills, to versatility of play-styles, to synergy and a brief discussion of the trait system – all with […]

Guild Wars 2: Hands On with the Charr Necro has whipped up a new hands-on article which specifically looks at the Charr Necromancer based on play time at the recent New York Comic Con. The article looks both at the class and the GW2 gameplay. Here is one thing I learned with my random act of violence. Guild Wars 2 does not feel […]