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When the thief was announced, people originally thought it was a very similar profession to the ranger. Their combat styles do show similarities, but do not be mistaken, these are very different professions. In my opinion, the ranger is more similar to the necromancer, and the thief is more similar to the mesmer. Nevertheless, many […]
The engineer got a tool belt overcharge, where every slotted heal/utility skill has a tool belt counterpart. Rangers are able to hotswap between two different pets in combat. And combos have a graphical interphase and their very own nomenclature (“initators” set up the combo and “finishers”, well, finish). These are but some of the news in the blog post Jon […]

Are rangers actually under-powered?

I’ve heard it a few times lately… rangers with pets are terrible in dungeons. Rangers with pets are no good in small places. A ranger without a pet is just worthless. And so on. This leads to rangers not trying to get into difficult content, and/or not being accepted/invited to play there. Fortunately, I’m in […]

Chock Full of Rangery Goodness

Its been about a month now I guess I should do a blog. Its been an eventful few weeks with Death and Healing mechanics being released, the end (?) of the War in Kryta and the Ranger profession being announced. The Ranger is Back! As Arena Net announced last week, GW2 will feature the return […]

Guild Wars 2 Unveils The Ranger

At last, Guild Wars 2 players will be able to take on the mantle of everybody’s favourite park ranger and chase Yogi Bear arou … oh, sorry, it’s not that kind of ranger. Of course it isn’t, that would be foolish. This Ranger will still have plenty of skills that allow them to interact with […]

The Simple Yet Long Build Guide to the Ranger

The Ranger is the master of bows and living in the wild! With their trusty pet by their side the rangers can survive almost anything. Basics you should know about the Ranger They have 70 Max AL, and +30(extra) armor against elemental armor(Fire, earth, air, water, cold, dark) They run 4 major skill types Wilderness […]