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When the thief was announced, people originally thought it was a very similar profession to the ranger. Their combat styles do show similarities, but do not be mistaken, these are very different professions. In my opinion, the ranger is more similar to the necromancer, and the thief is more similar to the mesmer. Nevertheless, many […]

ANet Gives Guild Wars 2 Year End Development Update

The developers over at ArenaNet have just released an update for the end of the year. Topics of discussion include the achievement system, promised information about tweaks to the thief profession, and finally enhancements to the fighting skill animation system. Head on over to the blog article and get the details! What is your opinion […]

Head to Head: Mesmer vs Thief

With the mesmer right off from the press, I thought I’d do a head to head with it. And who best to compare with than the … thief? What was I thinking? Well, in a recent interview, a dev described the mesmer as “a fencing, dueling, finesse, mind game profession”. Does it sound like a […]

CynicalBrit | Thief and Elementalist PvP gameplay

TotalBiscuit is at the Eurogamer Expo, his cold is all better, and now he is playing a norn thief and a norn elementalist in competitive instanced PvP! Thief gameplay Elementalist gameplay

GW1 Update Today and GW2 Thief announced

Two major news hit today. (1) The thief is the 6th GW2 profession announced. Although the web page isn’t up as I write this, there are two official videos showcasing the thief and his/her abilities. (2) The embark beach (etc) update will be live today, with tons of new exciting features. Read my summary of […]