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What to Expect, Looking forward Guild Wars 2 2013 by Colin Johanson

Cutthroat Politics, Soundcloud, Best Dressed Contest, Colin Blog Post Thursday

Guild Wars 2 Cutthroat Politics, Colin Interview, Kites in Gem Store

Bazaar of the Four Winds Live!

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds patch notes.

Southsun Cove Update Notes

The May Upate is now live, bringing us the new Southsun Cove content. Jump in and enjoy the sun and surf as it will only be available through June 4th. Don’t get too close to the animals though… A few highlights from the notes: New weapons skins and minis added New Guild Treks for Southsun […]

Are rangers actually under-powered?

I’ve heard it a few times lately… rangers with pets are terrible in dungeons. Rangers with pets are no good in small places. A ranger without a pet is just worthless. And so on. This leads to rangers not trying to get into difficult content, and/or not being accepted/invited to play there. Fortunately, I’m in […]

10 Tips to playing Guild Wars 2 better

I create the opportunity for learning, so that I can keep improving. I do that by seeking ways to challenge myself on specific gameplay skills. Here’s 10 ways you can use to keep learning too. 10 Trigger combos You can trigger combos by yourself on many professions by using a skill that creates a combo […]

Dailies: an updated guide

Dailies are easy extra income, mystic coins, laurels, and karma. This is a short guide giving some pointers on ways to make the dailies easier, by giving hints on how to incorporate them into normal play or combo-ing them. I would suggest you start with the following if you plan on completing them… they are […]

Endgame: An alt-a-holic’s perspective

I’ve always liked playing different characters, and now that I have a few at max level and with somewhat decent gear, I feel I have some *cough*authority*cough* to talk about what to expect from your characters in endgame. The good news is… the game remains pretty similar to early- or mid-game, so whatever profession you […]

Fractals of the Mists Dungeon Improvements

This just in: There are some administrative updates coming to the Fractals in January! A summary is below, with more details on the official site. [ANET]Currently, if a party member disconnects from a fractal dungeon run, they are unable to rejoin, which can cause a lot of issues for that player and their party. Our […]

Missed Ancient Karka Event Chests – Shipping now!

ArenaNet is shipping the Lost Shore event item – the Ancient Karka Chest – to those that missed it, due to disconnects or “no-reward-occurences”, now. So if you participated in the event and did not get the reward chest, there is a good chance you will find it in an in-game mail during the next […]

Greatsword Guardian Leveling Build

                      Since Guild wars 2’s release I have been busy leaving a lot of bodies in my wake, instead of writing up new articles. I am back to share with you the leveling build I used. I will be covering the full monty so get […]

PvE Levels 1-50, What Changes?

I have often played games, only to find out that the more I played it, the more things changed. In MMORPGs, I find that generally, as you level up, you start having to manage your energy more and more, and you are also pushed into specializing into a role. I also find that leveling slows […]

World’s First Level 80 Reached

Most of you will actually be enjoying the game, taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying the action but there are those who like to reach the level cap as fast as possible. A player named Surfeuze has taken the prize to reach level 80 first with help from  his guild called War Legend. According to […]