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Queen’s Jubilee, Euro Invitational Finalists, PVP Solo Queue, Spell Effect Changes, More

Newest Living Story release announced. Celebrate 10 years of Queen Jeennah's rule.

Guild Wars 2 Invitational Regional Qualifying Tournament Registration Open!

Guild Wars 2 Invitational Qualifying Tournament Registration now open
What to Expect, Looking forward Guild Wars 2 2013 by Colin Johanson

Guild Wars 2 Invitational ($10,000!), Guild Missions Livestream, More…

Guild Wars 2 Invitational, Skyhammer and more.

Bazaar of the Four Winds Live!

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds patch notes.

While We’re Waiting for the Patch to go Live….

Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds stuff to read.

WvW Basics Questions and No Expansion for Guild Wars 2?

Over in the official forums, Hugh “Nightmare” Norfolk is asking for questions about WvW that people unfamiliar or new to it might have for a stream he’ll be doing on Friday Noon Pacific (7pm UTC) at their Twitch.TV page. And my slightly sensational headline has been deflated a bit by Colin’s comment in the official […]

Jumping Puzzle Live! Updates Every Two Weeks! New PVP Map! Bazaar of the Four Winds! Whew!

Well, sounds like things are going to be getting busy in Guild Wars 2! According to Colin’s latest blog post, Anet will now be aiming for new content releases every two weeks. Meaning more frequent game updates, and both permanent and temporary new content and more. Next up is Bazaar of the Four Winds on […]

The Bazaar of the Four Winds is Coming!


Future of WvW, Dragon Bash, GW2 Videos

Devon Carver has just posted a new update on the status and future of World vs. World. Click here to read it, or you can see the text in our forums as well as comment on the post yourself! Title headings to whet your appetite: Current State | Future Plans | Player Roles | Zergs […]

Southsun Cove Update Notes

The May Upate is now live, bringing us the new Southsun Cove content. Jump in and enjoy the sun and surf as it will only be available through June 4th. Don’t get too close to the animals though… A few highlights from the notes: New weapons skins and minis added New Guild Treks for Southsun […]

Small squad tactics in WvW

Earlier today, Isaiah Cartwright live streamed some WvW, showcasing some of his favorite tactics for running small groups in WvW. Check out a link below!

Custom Arena and Spectator Mode Videos! Also a Few Dev Notes and a Fan Video Parody.

ArenaNet has released some short videos to help introduce the beta versions of Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode which will be in the April 30th update. (Also, scroll down a little for some developer comments about these new features and Leaderboards, SAB and a few other things including a great parody SAB achievement guide.) Custom […]

10 Tips to playing Guild Wars 2 better

I create the opportunity for learning, so that I can keep improving. I do that by seeking ways to challenge myself on specific gameplay skills. Here’s 10 ways you can use to keep learning too. 10 Trigger combos You can trigger combos by yourself on many professions by using a skill that creates a combo […]

Flame & Frost Finale and Some PVP Lovin’!

The Flame and Frost page has been updated with highlights of the April 30, 2013, update information. The standouts are a new Dungeon to tell the final part of the Flame and Frost Living Story, and Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode for the sPVP players. The new dungeon will feature only one path, and ArenaNet […]