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I thought it meant Super Plants vs Pandas!

I found out that sPvP wasn’t some minigame that pokes some fun at the latest WoW playable race in a juiced up sequel of the game Plants vs Zombies… Instead, I got another monthly done in maybe 4-5 hours of play on my first real try playing sPvP, and I am close to getting it […]

Dailies: an updated guide

Dailies are easy extra income, mystic coins, laurels, and karma. This is a short guide giving some pointers on ways to make the dailies easier, by giving hints on how to incorporate them into normal play or combo-ing them. I would suggest you start with the following if you plan on completing them… they are […]

PvP Tournament Changes

ArenaNet revealed that paid tournaments are being replaced with free tournaments as paid tournaments are no longer required due to the ratings and matchmaking system. [ANET]In the upcoming patch on February 26, Paid Tournaments are going to be replaced by Free Tournaments. One of the reasons we initially introduced Paid Tournaments was to create a place […]

Introducing the New Spirit Watch PvP Map

ANet just posted an overview of the upcoming PvP map, Spirit Watch, which will be live with the next patch. Check it out! [ANET]In the upcoming patch, you will be able to play our latest PvP map—Spirit Watch! This norn-themed map, which is surrounded by sheer cliffs, features shrines to the Spirits of the Wild […]

Endgame: An alt-a-holic’s perspective

I’ve always liked playing different characters, and now that I have a few at max level and with somewhat decent gear, I feel I have some *cough*authority*cough* to talk about what to expect from your characters in endgame. The good news is… the game remains pretty similar to early- or mid-game, so whatever profession you […]

Temple of the Silent Storm Week

It’s been a busy week already in Tyria! Another blog just went up on the official site with information on some new PvP features. As always, a snippet is below, click through for more, and drop by the forums for discussion! [ANET] We’ve been working on PvP features consistently since our last update, and as […]

WvW Rating Reset Coming Soon

A quick update on WvW. Looks like all pairings are going to be reset now that free transfers are done. Little surprising, but makes sense. Full post is below. [ANET] In the run up to the end of free world transfers we saw large population changes as people settled in to their home servers. This […]

WvWvW Rankings – January 11, 2013

Latest WvWvW rankings have been released. You can check them out below. Thanks, Fae and LostSpoon

Wintersday WvW Changes

ArenaNet posted an update on the official boards which explains the WvW changes coming for Wintersday based on feedback and also part of their update pipeline. If you have not read it then read on below. [ANET] Advance notification of new builds In order to allow WvW players to make good decions about siege placement, […]

Guild Wars 2 WvW Rankings 23 November

It’s that time again! New rankings were released today. Charts are featured below for North America and Europe, respectively. Source. (Thanks, Raye!)

Guild Wars 2 WvW Rankings 16 November

Time to take a  look at the movers and shalers in the WvW rankings for week ending 16 November in Europe and North America.

Official: Live Broadcast of New PvP Map

At 2 PM PT, Jonathan Sharp will be broadcasting a new PvP map for Guild Wars 2! Don’t miss out (links below)! [ANET]Jonathan Sharp is going to be showing off a new PvP map live at 2:00 PM PST on :  ~RB2 #GW2[/ANET] Source: UPDATE: A recording of the broadcast is now available on YouTube.

Shadow of the Mad King Arrives for Halloween

No MMO would be complete without a Halloween event and Guild Wars 2’s event is the Shadow of the Mad King. The update goes live on 22 October and Tyria will become Halloween themes with new mini-games, new dynamic events, and more. ArenaNet tease the Halloween event with: “Be prepared for an epic adventure in […]

Jonathan Sharp on the Future of Structured PvP

Time for another update from the development team and this time ArenaNet’s Jonathan Sharp put fingers to keyboard to discuss the future of structured PvP in Guild Wars 2. [ANET]Structured Player vs. Player (sPvP) is a core feature in Guild Wars 2, and it’s quite massive.  The features we want to add to sPvP, to use […]