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ArenaNet’s developer blog has received another update and in this instalment they take a look at the race of giants called the Jotun. The blog comes with a stack of lore as well as some developer notes on the Jotun. Even though we had established the jotun in the original games, we wanted to really bring them […]

CynicalBrit | Guild Wars 2 Developer Talk

As a final wrap-up, TotalHalibut at CynicalBrit just uploaded a two-part video of the Eurogamer Expo Developer talk. Featuring gameplay, character creation, and more. Part 1 Part 2

Bitgamer | Interview with Colin Johanson

Also the fellows over at Bitgamer were able to snag Colin Johanson for some face time at Eurogamer Expo. It is a lengthy interview with some new information. For instance, there may be even more Guild Wars novels in the future, after the current trilogy is concluded with “Sea of Sorrows”. BG: Are you going to carry […]

GeForce UK | EuroGamer Expo Colin Johanson Interview

The fellows over at GeForce UK were able to snag Colin Johanson for a chat at EuroGamer Expo 2011 at Earl Courts, London, England. They talk about the asura, the history of the Pale tree, how the development is coming along and more!

How will you roleplay your asura? (or any other race)

I admit, I tend to like making unusual race / profession combinations. So far, my lineup may well include Norn elementalist, Charr necro, Sylvari engineer or guardian, and … Asura ranger. I am not a dedicated roleplayer, but I do like to imagine my character having a motive for choosing his given profession. Ranger? For […]

PCGamer | Asura Interview

  In honor of Asura Week, PCGamer has put together a two-part interview. In the first part, Game and Content Designers Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee get some questions about the asuran capital Rata Sum, and how the architecture mirrors the asuran society. They also talk colleges, golems and more. In the second part, named Love […]

Asura Week Day 5

On the final day of Asura Week, Ree Soesbee shares a piece of Asura lore. In a short story Ree paints another vivid picture of life in Tyria, this time about an asuran Krewe on a mission going pearshaped. By the time they burst out into the main skritt cavern, it was already a free-for-all. […]

Asura Week Day 4

On the fourth day of Asura Week, ArenaNet first updated the Asura page on the official Guild Wars 2 website. There is new lore, new wallpapers and screen shots, as well as a stunning video from the asura home city, Rata Sum (bonus points for those who know what the letters in that name can […]

Asura Week Day 3

On the third day of Asura week, Angel Leigh McCoy writes about writing the Asura. The blog post details the Asuran tone of voice, that would be Snarky Mc Smartypants, and even gives some audio examples.

Asura Week Day 2

On the second day of Asura week, ArenaNet once again give us double the fun with two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret who continues where he left off yesterday, giving us details about the design of the Asuran environments. He explains how the Asura are very far away from the goblin archetype, and […]

Asura Week Day 1

At the first day of Asura week, ArenaNet spoiled us with not one, but two blog posts. First out was Matt Barret, who gave us a glimpse on what went into designing the Asura. From an almost Skritt-like creature to the Asura we love-hate today. He then ends the blog post with an absolutely breathtaking […]