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GWOnline Events – January Update

Just a quick update this time around everyone. Although Christmas and Wintersday is wrapping up the holiday season is still in full swing for many of us and it is with that in mind that we have decided not to hold any events for January. To compensate for this however the events from December will […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A quick message from the whole team here at Guild Wars: IncGamers to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We hope you all have a wonderful day and have plenty of free time to enjoy Guild Wars 2 over the holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!
Welcome back for December’s update on our now monthly round of contests and competitions, or as we like to call them; events. Firstly lets check over Novembers happenings: Unfortunately we again had technical difficulties on our part involving the Hide and Seek event, we have therefore decided to postpone the event until server guesting is […]

GWOnline Events – November Winners

Our judges have convened, the six divines were consulted and the winners have been decided for Novembers events! Monthly Achievement Race First up is our Monthly Achievement Race. Participants rushed to complete their monthly achievements first, so who was the fastest this month? Coming in first was newcomer ‘vaguelazytangent’ as their character Ambereen. Ambereen plays on Northern […]

13 skills unlocked, so many to go!

After a few months of beta testing and three months after the release in August, the GWO Elementalist forum has “unlocked” thirteen skills of Guild Wars 2’s attunement swapping profession. What are those “Skills of Interest”, you might ask? On a regular basis, Gorani – the forum’s moderator – takes an in-depth look at a […]

GWOnline Events – November Update

Greetings all! For those who missed the original post last month GWOnline has begun hosted a range of in-game events for all of you to participate in. In October we held the Monthly Achievement Race (which we had no entries for, remember you’ve got to be in to win!) and we also planned to host […]

GWOnline’s Events and Competitions

By now most of you have had a chance to get into Guild Wars 2 and play it and the general consensus is that you all like it! So what would make a great game even better? In-game events and competitions hosted by the staff here at GWOnline of course. Not only is this a chance […]

GWOnline Front of Site Changes

In our effort to make the site super friendly for everyone we continue to add bits and pieces. Today we have rolled out the “tabbed” news page here on the front of the site. Just below the main feature you can see some tabs, click these and you can check out the news, community blogs, […]

Winners in GWOnline’s BWE2 Key Giveaway

Yesterday at the stroke of midnight (PDT) we closed our very own Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 key giveaway, and quickly drew the winners using a true random sequence generator. We wish to again thank ArenaNet for this opportunity to put a smile on the faces of 20 community members. Our only wish would […]

GWOnline Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 Key Giveaway

We here at are very happy to announce that we have gotten 20 Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 keys from ArenaNet to give away to our community. That means you! The contest ends tomorrow Sunday June 3 at midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). How to Enter Make a post in the contest thread over at […]

Site News: Forums Being Updated – Side Effects Seen

We are currently cleaning up the GWOnline forum install, which is leading to some temporary side effects. For instance some people are having difficulties posting new threads, and new user registration has been a little iffy. Despite this we chose to keep the forums on-line during this process, since browsing and posting in threads still […]
We have been quite busy this past week in the site and there are a few ‘social’ features that have been added. First up is the new GWOnline Facebook page and we would love to see you all hook up with us on FB. You can find our Facebook here. Don’t forget we have been […]
GWOnline’s Charr Plushie art contest is now officially over, and the winners have been chosen. Auntie sure had her work cut out for her, with a lot of very excellent submissions! The two final winners, each being awarded one Charr Plushie, were satomz and Odinius. Satomz contributed a sun catcher based on the map symbol for the […]
Did you look at the Charr Plush and thought “awww“? Or maybe you had an idea about your very own Charr Plush puppet animation video? Whichever the case, you will be happy to hear that there is currently a contest over at our Community Forums featuring not one, but two Charr Plushies as prizes! With […]