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IncGamers: The Week That Was… (ending 16/10/11)

It’s the end of the week which means a wrap-up of everything from the main site and the world of video games. The big review this week was the the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City which comes out next week on consoles and 11 November on the PC. Also this week were reviews for Ace Combat: Assault […]

IncGamers: The week that was…

As gamers we know you guys are checking out other bits and pieces of gaming news and there’s been some great coverage over on the main this week including reviews for the biggest game releases this past week such as Forza Motorsport 4, Dark Souls, Rage and A Game of Thrones: Genesis to name […]

Skill icons for community fansites – “work in progress”

I had the chance to relay a message to CR team member Stéphane and asked him about the possibility of adding “official skill icons” to the GW2wiki, because some of them are of low quality right now (e.g. taken from a digital camera screen shot at Gamescom etc.). This answer I can share with you: […]

IncGamers Hands-on Preview

John over on the main site has today posted his hands-on preview based on play time in Germany last week. What’s interesting about this article is that John has gone hands-on with a few upcoming MMOs  so he has a good taste of where Guild Wars 2 is currently positioned. John is not a […]

IncGamers Guild Wars 2 Interview – Part 2

The second part of our very own Guild Wars 2 interview with Eric Flannum is now available for your reading pleasure as John continues probing Eric. You can check out part 2 which has gone live today here, and if you missed yesterday’s installment check out part one. Topics in today’s interview include lot sharing […]

IncGamers Eric Flannum Interview

If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that the main site popped over to Germany this week to catch up with ArenaNet as the EU press was shown the same content that was on show at the Fan Day last week. John from IncGamers was on hand to check out the new content […]

E3 Info and Media Overload!

As you all know, E3 kicked off properly today and the team on the main site have been working throughout the day and night bringing all the latest media and screenshots from the show. Today there were four major conferences, Microsoft, Sony, UbiSoft and EA. There has been some cracking media released, especially trailers […]

E3 Coverage Underway on

There may be no ArenaNet at E3 once again this year but being gamers we know you’ll all be keeping an eye on E3 over the coming days. Earlier this week we kicked off the IncGamers E3 coverage and today things really start getting busy as we lead up to the annual conferences which start […]

The Unique Language of Community Managers

The l;atets MMO weekly is up on and in this installment Jeff looks at the unique language of MMO community managers. In the article Jeff outlines ten rules with some typical responses gamers usually see from their CM. Here’s a snip While there is no official designation for the unique language that community managers […]

IncGamers Beta Key Giveaways

A community note here as there are few Beta key giveaways up and running on the main site that GuildWars players may be interested in checking out. First up we have special Mythos sneak peak closed Beta keys to giveaway. If you remember, Mythos was the action RPG that was being created at Flagship […]

Server Update

Some of you may have experienced some weirdness on the site and forums early yesterday. This was because we are undergoing some maintenance and upgrades on the server. Apologies for any inconvenince caused and we’ll keep an eye out for any weird behaviour. Also in related news we will shortly be looking at migrating the […]

IncGamers Best Games of 2010

A quick heads-up that the team have put together their list of the Best Games of 2010.  Perhaps you are looking to fill your game time with something new until Guild Wars 2 comes out and there’s no better place to start than checking out the awards over on IncGamers. Check and see if […]

IncGamers Rift Beta Key Giveaway

A heads up to the whole IncGamers community on a new Beta key giveaway. We are now giving away Beta keys for Trion World’s upcoming MMORPG Rift. The Beta kicks off on 3 December and you can secure a beta key from us now instantly. We also have a limited number of VIP Beta keys […]

MMO Weekly: Smugglers and their Enslaved Gladiator

Jeff?Euros MMO Weekly, this week titled Smugglers and their Enslaved Gladiators, looks back at his initial reaction to the classes in Star Wars The Old Republic, and in particular the Smuggler. As slowly more details are revealed he?Euros found himself falling for each of the classes. He looks at what about them turned him from […]