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The end of the convention season is here, and rounding up the field is the G*Star 2011. Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet and their publisher NCsoft are of course at site, for the first time showcasing Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market. For the convention the Guild Wars 2 demo has been beefed up, with more character […]
The engineer got a tool belt overcharge, where every slotted heal/utility skill has a tool belt counterpart. Rangers are able to hotswap between two different pets in combat. And combos have a graphical interphase and their very own nomenclature (“initators” set up the combo and “finishers”, well, finish). These are but some of the news in the blog post Jon […]

Your mesmer has evolved !!!

250 seems to have changed the mesmer a lot. He has a lot more visual effects for one, so that foes and allies alike can see he’s doing *something*. He’s also decided to move the names of spells to new unrelated spells, just to confuse us… ah yes, mesmers like to do that. But has […]

Arenanet | Profession Release: Engineer Class

It’s Thursday and the long-awaited profession release has come. So it’s the Engineer, not the mesmer. Sad panda. In any event: The latest profession revealed for Guild Wars 2 is the engineer, a brand new profession. The engineer doesn’t have a large selection of weapons, but they make up for this in the diversity of […]

Guild Wars 2: A closer look at the weapon bar

I’ve been looking at the Guardian skills… And I’ve been seeing some patterns in the weapon skills. A quick look at the Elementalist supports these patterns, and I suspect the same patterns are also present in the other professions. These patterns help understand not only how the gameplay will be like, but also what kind […]

More info on Guild Wars 2 skills

Part 1 discusses energy, energy potions, small vs large fights, and potions in PvP. Energy is more used for defensive skills, when you fail to get out of harm’s way. As such, skilled players will require fewer potions. In PvP, potions are free and limited, thus acting as a resource for players to manage. Part […]