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A Further Introduction to Guild Wars 2 Livestream

New to Guild Wars 2? The latest live stream from ArenaNet should help you on your way.

Cutthroat Politics: Ellen Kiel 52% Evon Gnashblade 48% Polls Open til Aug 5th!

Cutthroat Politics Facebook results update. Voting revealed.

Cutthroat Politics July 23 Update

The latest Cutthroat Politics update.

Gamebreaker’s Viewers’ Choice Award Show Awards Guild Wars 2

For those of you who missed the live stream the other day, just released a video of their 2012 games award show. And there is no denying it – this year’s great winner was without a doubt Guild Wars 2. Taking home the awards for Best Graphics, Best Soundtrack, Best New MMO, and Best […]
As we all learned earlier this year, Angry Joe really likes Guild Wars 2. How much so is now even more evident, with the release of his personal 2012 Top 10 Best Games of 2012 list. We here at GWOnline can only agree with the congenial gentleman’s assessment!

Official: Live Broadcast of New PvP Map

At 2 PM PT, Jonathan Sharp will be broadcasting a new PvP map for Guild Wars 2! Don’t miss out (links below)! [ANET]Jonathan Sharp is going to be showing off a new PvP map live at 2:00 PM PST on :  ~RB2 #GW2[/ANET] Source: UPDATE: A recording of the broadcast is now available on YouTube.

Lost Shores Video Teases New Content

A trailer short teaser for the Lost Shores has now been posted by ArenaNet. Watch out for that giant crab-like thing! The official Lost Shores page has also been updated today so you may want to check that out.

A Christopher Walkenthrough of Guild Wars 2

Some amusing Guild Wars 2 action in this video as Christopher Walkenhrough takes Guild Wars 2 for a spin.

Fan-Made Guild Wars 2 Music Videos

Today we are spotlighting two awesome fan made Guild Wars 2 music videos. First out are Taylor, Lara, and Malukah who made their own cover on the GW2 theme song “Fear Not This Night”, some say it is even better than the original. And then there are Verse Academy, with what can only be described as […]

Official Guild Wars 2 Trailer

The official Guild Wars 2 trailer was released today! You can check it out on YouTube or embedded below. Make sure you watch until the end for the payoff!

Jeff Grubb Interview

The guys over at recently caught up with ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb to find what’s in store now the game is just around the corner. Click and watch!

World vs World Explained in new Video

Most of you reading this site won’t need WvW explained but in case you are new to the game or did not have chance to try it out in the Beta, the ArenaNet team has whipped up this video to explain how it works.

Dungeon Sets Video

I came across this video earlier today from Dontain showing all Dungeon armor sets for all races and genders. A very nice compilation this one.