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The Pillars of Guild Wars 2 Gameplay

[ANET]Earlier in the development of Guild Wars 2 we released our MMO Manifesto video, a high-level look at the philosophy behind the design of the game. As we approach the launch date, now is the perfect time to talk about the outcome of that design philosophy with a look at the core ideas that the […]

Watch the Sylvari Cinematic

OK, so you are all playing tright now, but just in case you are for some reason not playing, the Sylvari cinematic is below along with some commentary from Ree Soesbee. Now, back to the Beta!

Ramon Takes a Video Tour of ArenaNet

Someone gave him a keycard and now he’s infiltrated HQ! German CM Ramon popped behind the scenes to talk to members of the Guild Wars 2 team in this little video tour.

Guild Wars Dance Party

Now that Guild Wars 2 is drawing ever nearer, those of us who played the original Guild Wars might be getting a bit sentimental. An end of an era and all that. I know I am. This awesome fan made Guild Wars dance video by YouTuber eeglfethr therefore struck a cord with me. Here’s to […]

Look no further, Elementalists!

Curious about the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2? Have you been a fan of this profession since the release of Guild Wars seven years ago, or have you been falling in love with the ability to swap attunements since the Beta Weekend in April? Look no further for information about this class on our profession […]

GameInformer 30 Minute Video Preview with Jonathan Sharp

Game Informer has posted a 30 minute video with ArenaNet’s Jonathan Sharp who talks them through the gameplay. The video below touches on a few of Guild Wars 2’s most important elements. Curious about how the game eschews traditional MMO leveling content, or how the combat system works, or what the scoop on the massive […]
Not that you guys need any convincing in this one, but if by some chance you are sitting on the fence then check out the new pre-purchase trailer.

Guild Wars 2 vs Other MMOs Parody Video

Just spotted this and thought it was pretty funny if you have ever watched the comparison type adverts for Macs or Google and MS. I think the GW2 guy wins no problem here.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Footage

Over the last couple of days we at GWOnline have pushed out a lot of gameplay footage from last week-end’s Guild Wars 2 Press Beta event. Too much footage in fact to post everything here. And we are still not done! Here is but a taste:

IncGamers Podcast #75 – Guild Wars 2 Featured

This week’s IncGamers podcast is now online and features myself and Peter discussing the Guild Wars 2 Beta. For a change we released a video edition which includes GW2 gameplay, some of which you may have seen here on the site already. Listen or watch for all the gaming news and gossip. Also subscribe to […]

ArenaNet Thank You Additional Footage Video

Following the impressive sign-up numbers for the Beta, ArenaNet has released a new video as a thanks to everyone for signing up. The video includes new footage and to access it you need to like their Facebook page.

Latest GWOnline TV Guild Wars 2 Videos

Time to take a look at GWOnline TV and see what’s new. I have also pieced together some more Elementalist footage I uncovered on my HD from the personal story where you have to retrieve the supply crates, and needless to say I did this quest the hard way, only utilising the cannons toward the […]

PCGamer Made a Graphics Setting Breakdown

PCGamer just released this video breaking down the graphics settings as available in the Guild Wars 2 Press Beta. Very interesting as they check out best visuals versus best performance. This video is shot on a PC with the following specs: 3.20 GHz six-core CPU, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6900.

Guildcast Talks Guild Wars 2 With ArenaNet Developers just posted this recording of a live chat that Gary Gannon of Guildcast had earlier with ArenaNet Systems Designer Jonathan Sharp, Community Manager Martin Kerstein and Content Designer Mike Zadorojny. Among other things, underwater PVP is confirmed to exist in the game!

Charr Beta Gameplay Footage #2

I have finally had some time to dig through the video today and I have put together a couple more videos to show my Charr Elementalist out questing and dropping in on a couple of events down at the tar pits and then taking on the Flame Legion. The second of the two videos is […]