Charr Plush Contest Over, Grats satomz and Odinius!

Charr Contest winner - Odinius

Charr Plushie Contest winner 2012 - Odinius

GWOnline’s Charr Plushie art contest is now officially over, and the winners have been chosen. Auntie sure had her work cut out for her, with a lot of very excellent submissions! The two final winners, each being awarded one Charr Plushie, were satomz and Odinius. Satomz contributed a sun catcher based on the map symbol for the Norn capital Hoelbrak whereas Odinius made a positively adorable clay Charr cub, based on this piece of concept art. Special mention also went out to Aven, Gauradan and tacotown for their submissions.

Charr Contest winner - satomz

Charr Plushie Contest winner 2012 - satomz

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