Chock Full of Rangery Goodness

Its been about a month now I guess I should do a blog. Its been an eventful few weeks with Death and Healing mechanics being released, the end (?) of the War in Kryta and the Ranger profession being announced.

The Ranger is Back!

As Arena Net announced last week, GW2 will feature the return of another core Guild Wars class, the Ranger. Like the Elementalist and Warrior, the Ranger retains some of the mechanics and skills that we all know and love while also introducing a few more to their arsenal.

The Ranger

My personal favourite class in Guild Wars and appears to be remaining in GW2. Aside from keeping the traditional bow weapons Rangers will also gain access to Swords, Axe, Dagger, War Horn and Torch meaning, like ranger type classes in other MMOs, they’ll have access to some melee skills as well. So far we know of

A three step attack combo in which the second attack you kick the foe back
Hornet Sting Attack then roll backwards away from the target.
Serpents Sting Roll around the foe to stab them in the back using your offhand dagger

Having this melee capability opens up for a more tactical and skirmish type ranger. For example I could use Serpents Sting followed the first step attack combo, kick the foe backwards, Hornet Sting away before switching to the short bow so I can kite the foe.

As for the axe and off hand not so sure about what we’ll have skill wise, other than Hunter’s Call for the warhorn and Serpents Sting for the dagger. My guess is

Offhand Axe Offhand attack and a short ranged finishing move, or Whirling Defence (though I’m hoping this a utility skill that can be used with any two weapon combinations)
Offhand dagger Serpents Sting and a short ranged finishing move
Torch Bushfire Sets the ground around you on fire see scatter shot clip and used for a burning finishing move, as well as lighting up dark caves etc
Warhorn Hunter’s Call. Not sure about the second attack skill/

Mostly speculation based on what the skill clips have shown us. Still along with the new skills and weapon choices, Rangers also see a return of their nature spirits and their traps.

The Pets

And where would the Ranger be without their trusty animal companion fighting at their side? The Ranger’s pet has had a complete overhaul compared to what we have currently. Rangers can charm up to three pets at any one time but can only have one active pet with them. Along with this the pets themselves have their own skills and ,as they level up, evolve.

In some respect this falls into line with the majority of MMOs with a ranger type class that uses a pet. WoW’s Hunter class sticks out the most in this respect as the Hunter’s pet has access to its own talent tree which, after level 20, the pet can gain talents to enhance its skills. I like this move from the current pet set up as it means that rather than being a hindrance, as the pet was before the pet control bar was introduced, the pet can become a useful member of the party.

Acquiring a new pet is also getting revamped. In GW2 you’ll have to look for the juvenile version of the pet, for example if I wanted a new Moa bird I’d look for a Juvenile Moa Bird to charm. This will make it a lot easier to find out what you can and can’t have as a pet, unlike in WoW for example, where your best bet is to find a list of tameable pets online.

Rather than just having the one pet type, as in GW1, GW2 will have 3 categories, Terrestrial, Amphibious and Aquatic. The terrestrial type has three pet types, as does Aquatic leaving the Amphibious category with the remaining six of the total twelve pet types. On top of this each pet type has its own sub type so a black bear might have slightly different skills to a polar bear even though they’re both under the same type. Don’t worry about having to have an aquatic pet for the underwater sections and leaving your pet bear/wolf/cat on the shoreline. The popular pets have been placed in the aquatic category so that you can take Fuzzy with you on any underwater adventure.

Along with having their own box of tricks the pet will also be able to revive their fallen master so there’s extra incentive to keep your pet alive (though I’m sure most rangers do this anyway).

Oh and Rangers can also have a shark as a pet. If that isn’t a reason to create a Ranger, even if it is an alt, I don’t know what its. Just need to find a laser head band and everything would be perfect.

Have Fun

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