Chronicals of the House of Azure: Lyssa

Dreams from Old

Faren has been getting on my nerves again. A new woman nearly every day and he inevitably looses them to his own faults. He’s as blind as Kormir with none of the sight. I wasn’t going to go visit the statue today but Faren drove me out of Salma with his incessant womanising. It’s unfortunate that the plaza is next to the district, I would have loved to have put some distance between me and there but Divinity’s Reach is a haven and I should not question the founders. I sat with my back against the wall facing the statue, so intricately carved yet I don’t believe that the faces are true. How can you ever know the true identify of a god, only what they have shown you, or what you believe, truth is always veiled by illusion. The Seraph guard to my right was nearly dozing off and the Priest well, didn’t seem all there. Perhaps it’s just me. I don’t know what I was expecting really, maybe a sign, a voice on the wind, perhaps even noticing someone in the crowd that didn’t fit. There were a couple of children, one Sylvari and concerned parents but nothing more. I felt a little isolated there, which was nice, my own little world with my back to its wall. The sun passed overhead and people moved on. The guard had been shouted at by his superior for falling asleep and the priest had wandered off somewhere. I stared deeply into the twins’ faces, trying to read something I don’t know, I must have fallen asleep, a dream, a fantasy but they spoke.

Their marble faces were tinged with a purple hue on their lips and their eyes brighter than their lips. There was emptiness that surrounded them but there was sounds and smells, footsteps and giggling children, the echo of swords clashing and mantras being cast. Their lips moved in unison, one voice from two. I’ll try to repeat as much as I can.

My daughter, my daughter, please…. There is a part of you that is a part of me and of history. Your future is guided by your ancestor and them like yourself, by me. You must find her heart and you will find yours. You will inspire order and cause chaos, you will bring unity and death, you will lose and you will gain. Find strength under the wing of decay, the shelter of a tree and the shadows of life. I see you and your eternal radiance.

I was then awoken by the guard, or perhaps it was the priest, perhaps I should have told someone about the vision, perhaps I was just going mad. Why would I cause death and chaos, I try to be kind to everyone. I have the Xulani key on a chain round my neck now. I can’t help thinking I need to find out but with what could be a direct message from Lyssa, I doubt I want to… I don’t think I will sleep well tonight. I think I’m too scared to pray now. Perhaps, no I must try to sleep.