Chronicals of the House of Azure: Unsympathic Asurans

Compensation Lacking

I know the Asura are not famed for their compensation when one of their inventions starts malfunctioning but this is beyond a joke, almost two weeks unconscious, years of my life erased and all I get is a Larynx to Data Modulator, or for those of us without the arrogance and overly complicated intelligence of a Asuran, a voice recording device. From what I’ve been told by the Sister of Dwayna that looked after me, I was struck by some form of lightening. According to her, an elementalist’s lightning surge missed its target, stuck the Asura gate I was passing through and when I came out the other side I lost nearly everything of my life. And this is the reason why I got practically nothing from the Asura. You see the Elementalist in question was human and not Asuran, and so the problem wasn’t the fact I was struck while in the gate, or the fact the gate may have interacted with the lightening, no, it came from a human, and therefore my problems were of human and not Asuran concern. Lord Faren only managed to get me this trinket with a few choice words and also a better grasp on my family than my own.

Where The Sylvari Dreams

You see, oh by this Six this feels awkward, talking to this thing, anyway… Well I’ve been told my father took a great interest in the Sylvari. He was fascinated by their culture, their ideas, how they learn new things. My mother was a little suspicious of them, never fully trusting. She was part of Queen Jennah’s advisers when the Sylvari were born and when she learnt of their growing numbers and my father’s interest, she sent them to the Grove. From what little information I actually have of them where I live, there is a boat request to the Queen to leave mainland Tyria and head to the Canthan Isles. I can only presume my father had convinced the Sylvari and in turn my mother and the Queen that helping the Sylvari develop their knowledge of other cultures, might help cement relationships between our two peoples. Although I do find it strange, my father apparently knew that the islands were not only blocked by Zhaitan’s undead corsairs on the Strait of Malchor but also the fact that Cantha became xenophobic and isolationist. What could he have hoped to achieve there?

In Search of a Heritage

Well perhaps this will give me a new start to life. From what Faren told me, I wasn’t that much of person. I helped a few people here and there but I lived a solitary life; never leaving Divinity’s reach, only traveling as far as Lion’s Arch for more exotic items on extremely rare occasions. I pity myself really, I wasn’t much of a human, and I was never going to leave anything behind when I die. But trying to find my parents has lead me to something I never thought possible, a legacy forgotten, squandered and shelved. My name is Genevieve although I never knew why until now. I looked through my father’s old notes and books and found reference to another Genevieve, over two hundred years ago. A very distant grandmother, a Mesmer that survived the Searing, the rise of Mursatt and the Titans, aided in the Unification of Cantha and fought against the corruption that was spreading throughout Elona. She embodied the Goddess Lyssa with her grace and duplicity. She was said to be buried in a place of natural beauty, overlooking chaos below. There is also a key to a secure chest with the mark of the Xulani and the location in Divinity’s Reach. I don’t know what my father was keeping from me but I feel compelled to find out. I need to carve out a history for myself like my ancestor; I cannot live a life unlived. I must know who I am.


Editor’s note: The Edge Project is an idea that comes straight from the community for the community. The nature of Guild Wars 2 has a huge focus on story and character we thought we would do the same here. In this first installment of the project Azure takes us along on the first step of his alter ego’s Genevieve’s journey.

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