Custom Arena and Spectator Mode Videos! Also a Few Dev Notes and a Fan Video Parody.

ArenaNet has released some short videos to help introduce the beta versions of Custom Arenas and Spectator Mode which will be in the April 30th update. (Also, scroll down a little for some developer comments about these new features and Leaderboards, SAB and a few other things including a great parody SAB achievement guide.)

Custom Arenas:

Spectator Mode:

Looks pretty polished to me. You’ll see below there are some things they are already thinking of adding. Come to the forum and tell us what you think of shoutcasting or any other features you’d like to see added to these new features!

Per Jonathan Sharp:
[anet]John Corpening, our PvP team coordinator, is in the first vid. I’m in the second vid. Jon Peters, also a design lead, also does a lot of help w/ PvP and balance. Hope that clears it up![/anet]

If you don’t want people to see your builds, just disable spec mode when setting your Custom Arena parameters. Source.

Very cool new PVP feature: Mini map will now use profession icons instead of dots to represent your teammates. In Spectator Mode, both teams will show up like that. This works in ANY sPVP map! Source1, Source2.

Things they are already considering adding to Spectator Mode
: Free Camera. Being able to spectate from downed players POV. Auto mode that switches cameras for you.

Other notes:
Leaderboards and Trial Accounts. Trial accounts will be removed from the leaderboards, but if you upgrade your trial account to a full game, then your trial account activity will be retained and count toward your account’s leaderboard activity (if you link the full game to your trial account. Per Martin Kerstein.

The actual April 30th update is what will make SAB disappear
. It is not going away at a set time. Source.

Speaking of SAB, you have to check out the following fan made parody achievement guide video. I thought it started off a little slow, but around the 3 minute mark, it starts creating GW2 comedy gold! Amazing work ZoCks!

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