Dailies: an updated guide

Dailies are easy extra income, mystic coins, laurels, and karma. This is a short guide giving some pointers on ways to make the dailies easier, by giving hints on how to incorporate them into normal play or combo-ing them.

I would suggest you start with the following if you plan on completing them… they are relatively short but also fairly specific. These dailies are also pretty easy to synergize with other dailies.

  • Regional Dailies (e.g. Maguuma Event Completer, Ascalon Killer, Krytan Veteran Killer) are easy and fun to complete, especially in the early areas of each region, where there tends to be high populations of players. See also Event Mentor which only requires you to complete events below your level.
  • Dailies based in WvW (e.g. Mists Caravan Disruptor, Mists Invasion Defender) or dungeons (e.g. Fractal Runner, Story Dungeon Completer, Dungeon Completer) also synergize well with many dailies and monthlies.
  • Jumping puzzles (e.g. Puzzle Jumper, Puzzle Discoverer) and personal story (Personal Story Completer) also provide some opportunities for progress on other dailies.

The following should be trivial to complete with only mild changes to your playstyle:

  • Daily Kills, Leveler, Skill Point Accumulator, Gatherer and Recycler are pretty much guaranteed through normal play. Remember to hit the resource nodes and salvage trash drops, the rest should come with enough combat play in PvE or WvW (even leveler for a level 80 character).
  • Ambient Killer is trivial to complete if you remember to hit any white-named foe you come across. Attacks that bounce off of foes or do AoE damage are also good to score some ambient kills without thinking about it. Good places to look for them include caves and small cities.
  • Condition Applier is easy to complete especially if you use condition-based weapons. Condition Remover can be completed easily if you use traits or skills that automatically remove traits, or with a bit more work if you use skills that remove conditions when used.
  • Aquatic Slayer is pretty easy to complete, especially considering that you can kill ground-based creatures provided you are in the water when they die. This way, you can complete many hearts or events even if they were not meant for aquatic combat. It might not work all the time due to invulnerabilities if they can’t reach you, but most ground creatures near the water can either swim or shoot you.
  • Dodger can be tricky because dodging only counts when you get hit during the invulnerability phase of dodging. One way to trigger that reliably is to dodge towards your target as that target shoots at you. Also, dodging through red circles works pretty well. This can be frustrating however if you dodge away from shots or dodge out of red circles too fast.
  • Events requires keeping an eye on the map to be able to run to events before they end. Dungeons do award some events, and WvW is another excellent place to get events. Also, crowded maps often has people calling out events, so keeping your eyes on the map chat can pay off.
  • Healer is best done with escort quests, personal stories, or in NPC-heavy areas of middle- and late-game (i.e. where they die easily). You can re-rez an NPC and get multiple credits, provided you wait long enough before doing so. Probably best to alternate between two NPCs.
  • Kill Variety is pretty much impossible in Orr, hard to do in dungeons, moderate to do in WvW, and easy to complete if playing across areas (e.g. using different characters to save on traveling costs). Remember to also kill yellow-named foes.
  • Veteran Slayer requires some searching sometimes, but do keep your eyes open to veterans that are not necessarily hostile like oakhearts. Also, there are a lot of veterans in WvW.
  • Skill Interruptor requires some skill because you need to use interrupting skills at the right time. Foes with long wind-up times (often showing a yellow animation) are ideal for completing this achievement. Alternatively, spamming AoE interrupt skills in groups of foes can be an easier (although possibly slower) way to complete this daily.

The following are specific activities that can’t be easily combined with regular play or other dailies:

  • Daily Crafter is pretty trivial, and synergizes well with levelling crafts, refining (often the product sells at roughly the same price as the components that were used to refine), or even cooking (because buffs are always useful).
  • Costume Brawl Champion is not hard if you can find competitors. A good place to look is in Lion’s Arch, close to the bank, where sometimes there are items there offered by other players that players can use to get free costumes.
  • Daily Feast is wasteful, but quick and easy. You can buy food for a very low price from the Trading Post, craft it yourself, or buy Rice in Bulk for 49 karma from any Master Chef vendor. Remember to eat the food before adventuring to benefit from the bonuses.
  • Karma Spender can be wasteful unless you buy items you would need anyway, such as armor, crafting materials, or recipes.
  • Keg Brawl offers a few dailies (Scorer, Stealer, Fumble Forcer) which can be a nice distraction from regular play.
  • Mystic Forgesmith is potentially wasteful, but can be completed using basic armor and weapons that you can buy from the trading post.

The following might require some planning or luck…

  • It can be difficult to find a champion for the Champion Slayer. Many group events have champion monsters. Champions are also readily found in certain dungeons.
  • Group Event Completer are also difficult to stumble onto by chance, however, world bosses and the end of event chains tend to be group events.

Enjoy your dailies!

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