Dervish Update Preview

Official Wiki updates highlight a preview of the Dervish update by Live Team Lead Designer, John Stumme, Here’s a snip

We’re close to unveiling the new Dervish and wanted to give you a preview of some exciting changes that are coming with it. Updating the Dervish was one of Live Team’s biggest projects to date, and we aimed to fix many of the core issues with this profession. When approaching the update, we wanted to do more than just boost the damage numbers on a few skills; we wanted to cultivate the essence of what makes the Dervish an interesting class. This meant altering or even getting rid of some clunky mechanics that were holding back smooth gameplay. When the changes were finished, we wanted to know we’d done more than just make the Dervish deal more damage; we wanted the class to be fun to play and to have its own unique style.

To realize these goals, we altered over 90% of the Dervish skills in the game. Changes range from small, numerical adjustments to complete functionality overhauls. Additionally, we changed how Mysticism works, added a new type of spell to the game, and made tweaks to scythe damage. Altogether, the Dervish update is much larger and more inclusive than last year’s update of the Mesmer. It’s also taken much longer than the Mesmer update, but we think that the amount of fun and innovation we’ve returned to the Dervish makes it worth the wait.

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